Teenage Queen

She was the most popular girl in school and everyone knew it.
She was the most beautiful girl in school and everyone knew it.
She was a teenage queen and everyone knew it.
She was pretty, perfect and popular.
She ain't got no time for you.


3. School Picture Day

Okay I have at least 10 more group photos! 
 How long is this going to last?" I asked the photographer as he set up the camera.
"Just another few pictures" He replied in a bored voice.
I smiled once again as the camera snapped my school picture.
"Okay that's it" The photographer muttered and I thanked him.
I walked quickly out of the classroom and towards the gym.
Several teachers began speaking to me the second I walked in the door and I sighed as I was dragged off to take yet again more pictures.
I hate school picture day.
Calum's P.O.V
"Okay, next!" The photographer called out but I barely heard him as Lee rushed past me, her long golden hair flying behind her as she hurried toward the gym.
"Hey kid you listening?" The photographer asked and Michael began waving his hand in front of me.
"What? Yeah, totally" I muttered as I took my seat and smirked, the camera snapping my picture.
The photographer sighed and fiddled with the camera and then began snapping pictures again.
He sighed once again and began messing around with the lens
"Okay, seriously how long is the going to take? I have to take pictures with the soccer team" I asked him impatiently.
"Jeez I'm going, I'm going"
The camera flashed and the photographer gave me a thumbs up.
I rushed past Michael and towards the gym, sighing as coach pushed me off towards the football team.
I hate school picture day.



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