Teenage Queen

She was the most popular girl in school and everyone knew it.
She was the most beautiful girl in school and everyone knew it.
She was a teenage queen and everyone knew it.
She was pretty, perfect and popular.
She ain't got no time for you.


8. An actual date?

We decided to go to a small diner/restaurant downtown, taking Calum's car which he'd actually just borrowed from a friend of his. (Ashton or someone..?)
Calum parked up and quickly hurried around, opening my car door and grinning at me.
"Woah Calum! You're quite the gentleman!" I murmured and his grin grew wider.
"Just doing my job, Madame" Calum replied and bowed down to me.
"Come on!" I giggled pushing him towards the front door.
We arrived and the waitress, a pretty, young girl, greeted us with a smile.
"Hey! What can I get for you guys?" She asked and Calum scanned the menu.
"What are you getting?" He asked and I quickly read the menu even though I knew what I was getting.
"Is the pasta dish nice?" I questioned and the waitress nodded her head.
"Cool! I'll have that please! " I answered and Calum grinned at me.
Calum ordered his and the food came quickly afterwards.
"I didn't know you were a friend of Dylan's" Calum said and I looked up, my mouth full of pasta.
"Yeah, I have been for a few years" I replied after swallowing.
"So, about the tutoring" Calum changed the subject and I nodded my head.
"What days suit?" I asked him and Calum shrugged.
"Any day suits really, although I'll always be late on Fridays because of soccer practise" Calum replied and I ran through my schedule in my head.
"How about Tuesday and Friday?" I suggested and Calum thought for a moment before agreeing.
"I can just do my homework in the stands or something on Friday" I added.
"Although if there's an awesome party on we can change the Friday" Calum told me and I giggled.
"Sounds good! Where do you want to go for it?" I asked him and he shrugged his shoulders.
"My parents work late on Tuesday's and they have date night on Friday, so maybe my house?" Calum offered and I nodded my head.
We finished eating and I got out my purse to pay but Calum slammed the money down on the tray the bill came, making me laugh and several people nearby jump in surprise.
I raised and eyebrow and was about to protest when Calum spoke.
"Just being a gentleman" He grinned and I couldn't help but smile.
"You really know how to get treat a girl" The waitress interjected as she collected up the money.
Calum didn't even look at her, he just gazed at me with his beautiful brown eyes.
"She's worth more than any other girl" He replied and I smiled, wondering how he could be so sweet.
"Where now?" I asked Calum as we left the building.
"I'm not too sure, this was a kind of spontaneous thing" Calum replied with a shrug.
"Well, let me think...watch a movie?" Calum suggested and I considered it for a moment.
"Yeah, let's go" I replied with a grin and we began walking towards the city centre, where the cinema was.
"Horror movie?" Calum suggested with a devilish grin and I laughed.
"Yeah, I love horror movies" I replied with a nod.
I had grown up with lots of older cousins and neighbours that had forced me into watching all the classic horror movies.
"Really? Lee, you just keep getting better and better" Calum exclaimed and I felt my heart beat faster as I bought a bottle of water and waited as Calum bought some popcorn.
"We literally just ate" I pointed out.
"Yes, but I am a man!" Calum exclaimed loudly, flexing his muscles.
I tried to ignore them. I really did.
"Hurry up" I scolded and I pretended to be annoyed but I couldn't help letting a small giggle escape.
Calum winked and I pushed him along towards where the movie was playing.
"Where do you want to sit?" I asked and I noticed the mischievous glint in his eyes.
"Let's sit in the back" Calum began and leaned so close I could see every detail of his eyes "We can throw popcorn at people" he whispered and giggled childishly when I gave in and agreed.
"You're supposed to be quiet in the cinema" I reminded him but he wasn't really listening.
"Come on, grab some popcorn" Calum encouraged and I rolled my eyes, picking up a handful of popcorn and throwing pieces at people.
My aim was on point today and Calum and I watched gleefully as people began looking around with puzzled expressions on their faces.
I raised an eyebrow at Calum as he tried to casually put his arm around me, staring straight ahead at the blank screen with a smirk on his face.
"You okay there?" I asked him with a grin.
"Fine and dandy"
His fingers twisted a strand of my hair round and round, so casual and yet the act meant so much to me.
We spent the rest of the movie like that and I never wanted to move ever again.
But, sadly the movie ended and we got up, wincing at the lights as we headed outside.
Outside, thank god, was dark and Calum wrapped and arm around me as I shivered.
My phone buzzed and I glanced down at the incoming text from my mother.
"Don't mean to nag, but it's getting late, sweetheart"
I looked at Calum and sighed in a disappointed kind of way.
"I have to go"
"That's okay, I'll walk you home" Calum offered and I nodded my head.
We began walking, chatting about our similar music taste and schoolwork.
I arrived at my house and gave Calum a smile, stepping closer and looking into his brown eyes. He gazed back at me intently, then leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.
"I'll see you later, Lee" Calum whispered and I nodded, stepping away.
"Bye, Calum"


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