The SEQUAL to teenage memories


1. don't leave

As I listened to Calum's words I started to cry I tried my to wake up and tell Calum that I love him and that I will never ever leave him but I just can't do it . Just then a bright light came towards me and blinded me. When I woke up I was in a stage room with a boy who looked about 12 he was just sat there not moving or anything . As I took a step closer to him I felt his ice cold skin he looked scared . Just as I was going to ask him his name when suddenly a man who looked about Calum's age came in and took me away and through this door into another room . Hi he said Erm hi I said confused where is Calum i asked who's Calum asked the weird man . He is my boyfriend . Not anymore he isn't the man said in a cold voice and smirked . WHAT DO YOU MEAN NOT ANYMORE!!! I screamed at the man . Darling shush your dead now so get used to it . WHAT! I can't be dead there has got to be a way out of here. Witch way is the exit I asked the man . Ha ha ha the exit ha ha ha the man laughed the is no exit the only way out of here is if you get chosen to go back to your family and that is really slim so you better get used to it now let's get you to your new house before I end up killing you . Erm what the actual fuck how can you kill me if I am already dead I asked confused as fuck. Oh that's easy I will just stab you and them you will just re spawn at the office the man said as if it was perfectly normal to re spawn to where you previously was like 3 minutes ago .

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