The SEQUAL to teenage memories


5. chapter 6

1 year later*

It's Christmas Eve me and Calum have agreed to do something romantic because the kids are with their grandma so it's just Calum and I in the house . So what do you want to do I ask Calum as I put the decorations on the Christmas tree . * * no answer* Calum I said again as I turned around and what I saw shocked me for life OMG!!!!!! I screamed as I looked at Calum who was down on 1 knee he pulled out a box and said Holly hemmings will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me Calum asked as he opened the red velvet box witch revealed a beautiful diamond ring . Yes caulk yes I will I said crying as he slid the ring onto my finger and then grabbed me by my arse and lifted me up and connected out lips . Let's take this somewhere else Calum said into the kiss he then carried me up to the bedroom and pushed me

Onto the bed not once breaking the kiss and then we started to undress each other

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