The SEQUAL to teenage memories


4. chapter 5

I was blinded by the bright light once again but this time it was different my eyes flickered open and my chest pumped up and then back down as I slowly came back to life I looked around the room to see if I could see anyone just then I heard screaming and shouting and then I heard Calum he came in and slammed the door shut and slowly slid down the door whilst letting little sobs escape his mouth she's gone he whispered to himself as he silently cried to himself . I opened my mouth and said Calum baby I am here . He looked up and stared at me before jumping from the floor and run to me holly he sniffled and grabbed my hand and kissed it hey baby I said he smiled and kissed me on the lips one minute he said and left the room and came back with a doctor who checked my blood pressure , heart rate and everything else and said if everything goes as planed you should be able to leave within a week the doctor said and exited the room OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Calum said with tears streaming down his face. When you get out of here I can give you the surprise of a life time Calum said smiling.. Calum Thomas hood I love you so much I said as I pulled Calum in for a kiss

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