The Eves of Eternity

It's not easy being what we are, which defined by your society calls us by a very crude and hurtful word to be honest; that word being a two syllable word with such fear, loathing and misunderstanding turned to hatred; monster. I am no exception though granted, I belong to a sect of kind that seems to be feared the most, that being well, the "Nosferatu" or more commonly known as...vampires...but please, don't be afraid as, well, I won't bite...m-much...


1. Tyson: It's "Tye" for Short

   October 6th, 1 pm

   Another blustery day...the sun had been out for so long before I arrived for classes. I am a college student, about nineteen years of life past in physical appearance and maturity too, heh, but...looking around something seems different as I wander the college campus, a smell...thick and rich hanging in the air. Well, no, it's two smells actually, one very rich and thick, so wanting and the other, eck, sterile anesthetics and sanitation equipment. 

   "Ooh, damn wind," I can't help but shiver as it wraps around me, my faded bluejeans and the loose laces on my dirty sneakers waving ever so slightly. A small fringe of my dirty blond hair falling over one of my eyes that I then, out of annoyance flip back into place with a swish of my hand. Walking steadily to the far side of my campus where I behold the sanctuary that is the library I see it, the source of the most delightful scent upon my nose, and, the more, sickening one. 

   "Hmm...." I quietly seem to hum to myself as I stride along, "White bus, no, more of an RV with splashes of a sherbert orange and red in the shapes of blood droplets, can it be?" Curiosity draws me closer, until with a flurry of excitement, I see it; BLOOD DRIVE in big bold red letters. 

   "Hell yeah," I whisper softly though, loud enough someone heard me.

   "Can I help you?" a calm voice called to me from the door of the RV. Looking up I saw her eyes widen just a touch for a split second before returning to normal and she grinned. "Ah, I're one of those students. Well, come on in, you want to...have some blood...taken, right?"

   "Y-yeah, s-sure," is all I can mumble as I step up into the RV. The moment I step in, the door swings shut and a soft 'click' as the bolt locks up as the shades on all the windows go down. "What the..?"

   "You're a pretty one you are," I hear her voice again, looking over I see the woman from before, her silvery eyes stare me down with a teasing want. "Heh, look at you, one sniff and here you are, wanting it all, so childish." Her quiet cackling causes me to huff a bit in annoyance.

   "Just who are you to judge me," I grin, "When you yourself are the biggest hypocrite here. Look at you, working for them, collecting blood...and you can't tell me that you don't take a nip." I chuckle as I drop y schoolbags and take off my jacket, unwrapping the scarf around my neck before sitting on the lounger, the scent of oils apparent. "Hm..a lot of humans come through here I see."

   "Oh plenty, it would seem humans are such wanting creatures to help one another," She smiles, coming over with an IV needle. " Such foolish creatures sometimes. So where do you want it sweetie? The arm, the chest..." she whispers teasingly as she draws closer. "The neck?"

   "Easy there, harlot," I chuckle, "Just put it in my arm like the rest of 'em, okay?" Her sour expression causes me a laugh, though I don't know which is more humorous, the fact she's pissed I shot her down or the fact that, I called her out on what she is; a dressed up whore. 

   "Fine, little prick," she huffs, quickly sticking me causing me to yelp a bit. "Oh I am sorry, little rough there, isn't it?" She smirks. "How's one of your kind so young so well controlled anyhow, your master must have a tight leash on you, don't blame them as, you're a cute one."

   "Your tail is showing, succubus," I grin. She blushes deeply and hisses at me vehemently.

   "You little cocky biteling!" she howls, slapping me hard across the face. "I should rip you to pieces, you little freak!"

   "Freak? Now is that necessary?" I can feel the smirk and it just sweetens it as she growls and grumbles. "Look sweetheart, I am sorry, I haven't had any in a I am a little edgy, heh."

   "Sure...sure..." She snips, "All of your kind is just the same, looking down on others as lessers, damn nosferatu." 

   "At least I am what I am, not pretending to be something I am not," I coolly reply as I reach and softly caress her side. "Why were you acting like one of my kind then?"

   "So I can blend in and lure your kind to the back," she teases; obviously her temper's faded again, good. "I can't help it, as you've guessed, I am a succubus, so, craving for...intimacy never fades or is satiated, but, I have grown tired preying upon humans, they are too easy, so...alas I seek something greater, can you blame me?"

   "No, I cannot, sadly, humans have become...less interesting it seems as the years have gone by but, having been one once, I can appreciate their innocence of a short and brief life." I began to feel it, a looseness to my body, and a heaviness around my chest and eyes. " spiked the blood." 

   "Hehehe, I got you now little cutie," she smiles wryly at me; her arrogance is astounding. She lifts me effortlessly as her true strength comes through, holding me over her shoulder as she moves to the back room. 

   "If my master...finds out...he'll kill you," I gurgle as my body suddenly tightens and racks of abdominal pain holds me. "Oh damn, I think..I am going to be sick..." 

   "Nothing you say is going to save you, cutie," she mocks softly as I feel her hand rub my bum. "Oh I'm going to have fun with you." Stupid woman doesn't believe me...oh Christ this pain really sucks, it almost feels like I'm going to vomit. 

   "No seriously, I think...I'm actually going to puke..." I felt the painful heaves and then, sure enough as I was when i was human, I....vomited. 

   "You little bitch!" she sputtered in surprise as I felt her fling me off her, landing hard on the floor. I don't understand it, why did I get sick? I haven't vomited since I first became a vampire; was it the blood?

   "I'm not the one who fed her prey bad blood," I coughed as I steadily got to my feet shaking, my fangs grew a tinge and my eyes shown crimson; I was having a blood lust. The desire for blood drove me like an animal to want to kill her and drink her dry but, in retrospect considering what she is and what she does to survive...maybe not the best source of blood; however, there is no consideration, no forethought or after thought, there is no fighting the lust for blood.

   "I'll enjoy toying with your cold corpse," she hissed as her tail and wings emerged, leaping at me with inhuman vigor and speed. 

   Poor girl, for she did not see my eyes of crimson locking on her neck, woe for her not to have noticed the dangerous length of my fangs...and woe...woe to her for coming in arm's reach of me in this state. In an instant we were enraptured in each other's arms, her claws wrapping around and digging into my flesh but I only grinned, only then did she realize her fatal mistake. I wrapped one hand around a clump of her hair and tugged back, biting into her exposed neck and tearing her artery as I drank....oh the warmth of her it was beyond euphoric, it was damn near ecstasy in feeling.

   To be honest with you, when you're a vampire, the feeling of drinking blood, feeling its warmth trickle down your throat and dancing on your lips,'s the damnedest feeling imaginable, second only to well...I can assume you can guess. 

   "Y-you..damn....mon-ster...." was the words fleeing her dying body, my hand having moved to her throat to close her windpipe by force as I neared my end of thirsting. She tried weakly to stop me, her hands freed from my sides, now trying to feebly pry me off her. 

   "You done, Tyson?" that voice, it snapped me to attention; letting go of the succubus, I spun on my heels as she hit the floor, looking into those wonderful green eyes. Those eyes held me, that small grin and witty nature of his enslaved me to him ever since I met him in my first semester.

   "A-Alister," I stammered, wiping my mouth quickly, the new blood rushing to my cheeks. "I...I..didn't mean- sh-she was...trying to take me and-"

   "We'll be late for class," he smirked. "I swear if you make me late again, I'll beat you senseless." 

   I melted inside, his words were playful though sounding menacing, his nature held me captive and if my heart could only beat still, it'd be throbbing over this boy. Alister, init of himself wasn't anything special, he was, firstly still a mortal boy, nineteen years of age, a fellow sophomore with me at this college. But his green eyes were so alluring and so too his slender body, disguising his true strength and speed attained from his athletic nature. Though he was many years my junior in time, I felt as though we were of the same cloth and I wanted him.

   "You in that skull of yours?" he teased as he tapped my head with a finger. "I swear, you're hopeless sometimes." He noticed my wounds and torn shirt and sighed.

   "It's just a scratch," I blushed and took his hand. "Come now, you know it takes more than a scratch to hurt me, Alister." I tried to hold him but, as per usual he shook me off; damn, denied again.

   "I know," he coolly stated, "But, now we have to explain that," he pointed to the ailing "woman" on the floor. "You know 'He's' not going to be too happy with you. 

   "Pft, like I care what a human imitation thinks," he scoffed.

   "A human imitation that once went on a rampage and annihilated many thousands of your kind across the United Stated and United Kingdom in a streak of revenge against one of your kind," he grumbled and playfully punched me.

   "Fine," he sighed, "I'll go find the shadow-freak and you get to class, the professor is used to me being late anyways." His smile made it worth it. As he left though he said the one thing that always got me.

   "See you later Tyson, don't let the sun burn ya!"

   "It's Tye,  you jerk!" I laughed as I locked up the RV. My name is Tyson, it's short Tye, and I, am a vampire in a human world.  

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