The Eves of Eternity

It's not easy being what we are, which defined by your society calls us by a very crude and hurtful word to be honest; that word being a two syllable word with such fear, loathing and misunderstanding turned to hatred; monster. I am no exception though granted, I belong to a sect of kind that seems to be feared the most, that being well, the "Nosferatu" or more commonly known as...vampires...but please, don't be afraid as, well, I won't bite...m-much...


2. A Shadow Amongst Us

   Wandering from the RV with the key in my pocket, I hurried to the front doors of what arguably could be said to be the largest building on this small college campus, the Library or, as the school called it, a 'Learning Resource Center.' Why I was heading there was simple, it is the usual hiding spot for 'him.' 

   This 'him' being a person, well, at least, he looks like a person, a human, like the rest of you mortals to the point you wouldn't expect anything else but the notion he's human. Many people in the supernatural communities refer to him simply as Shadow; as his name may foretell, he is, a Shadow Being. For those of you whom don't know what a Shadow Being is, they are literally living, walking talking shadows, like the things you cast when you go by a street lamp or what a tree casts in the day. How he has a solid form is a little macabre but hey, for us, it's normal in the fact that he's using a human soul as a conductor and focal point to maintain solid form. It's a bond to this plain of existence, this realm that allow Shadow Beings to attain a solid form. The sinister part about what 'he' is and moreover what his species are is that, they are the governing force behind the proverbial curtain between the various realms that enforce and maintain balance. Or here is something scary for you to consider, Shadow Beings have actively been shaping your human history since ancient times, more actively however, after the mid-1800s for reasons we will get into later. 

   "Alright, Shadow, where are you..?" I mumble to myself as I quietly walk into the library's atrium. Looking around I am a little disheartened to not find him in his usual roost in the library's cyber cafe. This forces me further into the library which only brings me a sense of boredom as personally, I'm not...too fond of books..especially since a lot of the books in here smell of dust and aging moments of the past. Shadow loves it here, although he's been around for a lot, and I mean A LOT of the history or things described in these books, he finds comfort here which, makes sense as in his spare time when he's not pretending to be a human student, or out on jobs for his government in the Shadow Realm known simply as 'The Magistrate' he's here, usually on his laptop, plodding away typing up stories as, his human niche he says is writing stories. 

   "Alright you plonker, where are you hiding," I look further, going all the way into the back of the library, known as 'The Stacks' for him but nothing. "Damn, where are you hiding? I can feel your presence so I know you're here but where?"

   "If you were a little more observant, you'd have noticed me, typing in the open computer lab area," his voice comes from behind accompanied by the slamming of a book. As I turn there he is shelving a book on Vampires in the Dark Ages; cliche bastard. His hair is cut short, though normally it is curly and wild looking, dark in color, to an average observer it looks black but, in reality it is a very very deep and dark brown. A little bit of facial stubble hounds his pale and rosy complexion telling me he hasn't shaved in a few days. 

   "You're a real creeper, you know that, Shadow?" I smirk as he stares at me coldly, his hazel eyes having chosen to be a cold steel grey today as he crosses his arms and hisses quietly at me.

   "I told you not to call me that here, here, and as far as any human who meets me is concerned, my name is Dakota," he pokes me in the gut and then grins; damn annoying habit of his. "So why are you here, skulking around, Tyson?"

   "It's Tye, Shadow, first of all-"

   "You don't get my identity right, I won't get your name right, Tyson," he smirks and leans against the stack or reference books. He's only five foot nine inches in his human state, and a little portly as he likes to give off the notion of being an average human with dark tendencies but he doesn't fool me, I've seen him in his natural, true state before.

   "Fine, Dakota, I need your help, that's why I am here, shorty," I chuckle.

   "I am not that much shorter than you, scarecrow," he reaches up, flicking my nose. "You're only six foot, two, only five inches taller." 

   "Ergh, what's with the friggin' flick, what am I, a dog?" I glare at him, only to see him grin. "Oh don't you dare-"

   "Woof," he sniggers, patting my head, "You're a good one, you are, Tye." He smiles and chuckles briefly before he calms and looks at me with a friendly manner. "So what's up, whatcha need from 'Ol Shadow' now, eh?"

   "Well, I...erm...I kinda got carried away again with the whole, blood...thing..." 

   "Oh no, did you assail the Blood Bank RV over by the G Building, really?" he sighs and rubs his temples, "Tye, you gotta stop this kinda thing, I only agreed to look after ye as your leader is a dear friend of mine and she was obliging the request of your creator. You gotta tone down the lusting."

   "I'm bloody trying!" my voice escalates a little, "Be-besides...the 'nurse' wasn't human, she was a succubus who lured me in and tried to drug me."

   "And so you...killed her, didn't you? Drank her dry?" he eyes me with suspicion, "Don't forget I am also an enforcer of supernatural law, that offense could force me to arrest you."

   "She started it, she drugged me and tried to take me to the back of the van to fuck me into eternity." Wow, saying that not only made me blush but I'm quivering, Christ I'm such a human still in many respects. "Anyway no, I didn't drink her dry, she's holding onto life in the back of the van where I put her before I left. Now Sha- Dakota, I need your help cleaning this up, please, I'm late for class as it is and I don't want this being found!" I cling to him out of false disparity, "Please don't hang me out to dry."

   "Ugh, fine...fine..I'll help you, I've got an hour to kill before my Thanatology class anyway," he smiles and ruffles my hair. "You're a handful, you know that?" He patted me on the shoulder and sent me off after I gave him the key to the RV. Despite it all, I was still seven minutes late to class which, the professor so kindly reminded me off which, of course caught me a little chortle from some of the younger, juvenile students in the class but, oh well. 

   "So how'd it go?" I heard Alister whisper to me as I sat down.

   "I owe the Shadow a favor but, he's taking care of it," I sigh in relief, "Hey, did you know he was taking a Thanatology Class?" I can't help but chuckle a little. "He, the 'Red Death of the Vampires' taking a course on death and grieving, how ironic."

   "More cliche I'd think," Alister quietly muses. 

   The humor of this boy, as I said before always has astounded me, now as you may be wondering "How a human can know about, Shadow, and myself and be perfectly okay with it, well. that kind of...goes back to a few things we can get to later, just know that for now, Alister is very familiar with beings of the dark, his whole family in general really. 



   Class had ended about an hour ago, and I was sitting outside the G Building, better known as the "Commonwealth Building" as I was waiting, waiting for Shadow to get out of his "meeting" with some of the other 'underlings' here on campus. I had never really bothered to get to know the others as, well to be honest, aside from Shadow and Alister, I...never really felt the need to be social at this place. It was a community college and, really though it was a nice place, don't get me wrong, it wasn't the kind of 'social gathering place' I was thinking it would be. 

   "Woof," I heard come from behind as he came skulking from a shadow nearby with a grin on his face. "How do, my fine blood driven friend?" His grin caught me, oddly it made me feel a little uneasy in the night like this as I went to meet him beneath the lamp between us. Something in my blood seemed to be, discomforted even now with his presence, perhaps I was picking up on that thing Alister mentioned earlier about Shadow's past. 

   "Quit pickin' on me you jerk," I replied with a smirk as I drew nearer to him. "I've had enough feather ruffling for one day, I think." 

   "Mmhmm, about that," He slipped a pair of special anti-Under Realm hand cuffs from his coat sleeve, dangling them at me like a hangman's noose. "You did technically commit attempted homicide and assault and battery." 

  "H-Hey now, Shadow," I suddenly stammered. Shit, is he really going to arrest me? I was just defending myself from getting probably raped into oblivion. "Sh-she started it with the spiked blood and the whole rapiness motive she had!" He paused for a moment, before he let a grin slip and a chuckle."

   "I know, I was just busting your balls," He giggled more audibly. 

   "You friggin' dick," I sighed, the tightness that had been growing clearing now. "You had me going there." 

   "I know, but hey, for what a mess you left, I thought it was well deserved." He wrapped an arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer, I shook him off abruptly. 

   "Hey hey hey, no, I don't want you doing that, Shadow." 

   "Hehehehe....oh come now, I won't bite," He laughed quietly as we made our way towards the parking lot finally.

   "That's not the point, you jerk," I chuckled cockily, "you're just not my type." I stuck out my tongue and chuckled.

   "Oh, right, you've the hots for that human boy, Alister." He sniggered as we crossed the crosswalk into the front lots of the college. "He is a handsome one, perhaps he could be the next soul I acquire when this one runs its course." 

   I suddenly grew hot with a white furry, slamming him up against a tree. "Don't you even joke about that, you depraved fuck." I could feel my throat tightening, my voice had become a low predatory growl. "Alister, will not be touched by you, if anyone will take him into immortality, I'll do it, but not you!" 

  The quiet click of the hammer of a gun caught my attention, he had withdrawn his revolver from the darkness of his coat. His eyes met mine with a cold, serious but glazed glare; the glare of an experienced executioner. 

   "If you're serious about that, Tye," he began, "than you need to control your lust and buckle down in order to strengthen yourself so you can be a capable protector of those you love." He pushed me off him easily but, it wasn't aggressive at all. "Trust me, if you can't keep your emotions in check, or your focus and guard, you'll end up being able to protect no one in the end." 

   That hit me, deeply though, at the time I had no real clue as to the significance of what he meant truly, or even the amount of personal experience he had on the matter as it turned out. The rest of the night was uneventful, the dive home relatively quiet but, not because we were angry with each other; he was focused on driving and I...well I was lost in thought. Thoughts about the day, my relative youth as a vampire, and Alister; how much I cared for him, wanted to love him and be loved by him and, his mortality and how I could best protect him so that, he could avoid the darkness that had so consumed myself in that of becoming a child of the night. 

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