tear of a tiger my way

stuff happend


1. the kill

After the death of Andy It’s been ten years since Keisha, Gerald,and B.j saw each other. Keisha graduated from high school with a 4.0 g.p.a. With a high g.p.a Keisha got into the best school Harvard University.One day she went out for coffee shop, she ordered a small apple pie coffee, she sit down to drink not know that she was going to see someone that she haven’t seen in about ten year. 30 min into her coffee she look up and she so a man that look like Gerald from behind, she didn’t know for sure if it was him so she didn’t worried about it. When Gerald turn around he saw Keisha, he went up to her and said “ How you been?” And she said good with a big smile on her face. Keisha and Gerald sit and talk for about hour or so. Gerald learned that Kiesha never get married or had kids.And Keisha learned that Gerald never got married to so when they find out the both of them never got married they thought to himself “ now it my time “ to get with her.When Keisha walk down the stepway, Gerald looked up and saw Keisha walking down the step and he got the biggest smile on his face he tried to hide it from Keisha but he just couldn’t.So they went out to eat at O'Charley's the most happiest place in the world. At the end of their meal Gerald order a pie for them to share and they eat it together.
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