Outsider in this world.

There are story's in the human world about things that little children wish were true. But you would never think of going to look for these story's among teenager's. That's why it's so perfect.

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1. The Origin of the High Queen

A little house in a large village. As little as this house is, it's big enough for a little girl and all her little things. However, there are something in this house that aren't so little. Like all her books. This little girl was a big reader and enjoyed her times in the other worlds she would visit when she was in her room. But this one big book she would never read herself, this book had to be read to her, every night. She knows every word off by heart, but will never pick any other story for bedtime. This was her favorite story, but, from where this book comes from, its not a story book. It's a history book.

The Origin of the High Queen

The Origin of the High Queen is a very complex story of which not may people know. Yes, we know how the new Queen is chosen every 100 Star-years, but we do not know exactly how it came about. 

Our High Queen is believed to be chosen by Ruthus, the God of Leadership and wealth. Every 100 Star-years Ruthus picks a new young girl to grow up with the powers of the High Queen. This, however, can cause some complications. Not everyone wants to be the High Queen of an entire planet, but the choice isn't usually theirs. The other problem that can happen is, they take a while to master their powers, the powers of the High Queen are not a gift when first given them, they are a curse, a burden and sometimes even painful and problematic. The 'gifts' given to the High Queen were originally to help sustain the planets energy supply, however, since this problem has fixed its self over the course of the last million Star - years, most of them lay dormant until the queens last waking breath where they transfer themselves into the new Queen. 

The transition isn't normally painful, however can be uncomfortable because of changes in the body, mind and soul. She will experience energy head aches, electric shocks and an extreme drop in body temperature. While this can be very annoying, there is one problem that every High Queen will have to suffer with for the rest of her life...
Energy convulsions. 
Energy convulsions are, basically, a giant serge of wasted energy that can, in early stages of the transition, cause bleeding through the nose, loud ringing in the ears and falling unconscious. This can be dangerous for anyone round, especially when deep into transition. 

  "Mum!" a little voice interrupted the story "Mum, mum, I have a question"
"Yes darling?" said a sweet, soft voice
"do you think anyone from our planet could become the High Queen someday?" asked the little voice, hopefully. 
The mum very slowly closed the book, shut her eyes and took in a very long, slow, calming breath. She opened her eyes, looked straight at her daughter and softly said "Taylor, go to sleep now my darling, and don't think
about this book again until the time comes"

Taylor went to sleep that night and 10 years later hasn't given her favorite book one thought...

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