Him, her, them, you, I.

A collection of poems inspired from my life, anime and music.
Thank you for reading.


24. Portfolio

Not All that Glitters is Gold


I was taught how to walk by stores

Resisting the glitter and glam of toys

The only glitter I knew was from books,

Cool cousin ‘che ches’ and second hand barbie dolls


When my sister was born

An elmo helium balloon floated into my life

Yet it was only the base metal

The gold lying in the new addition to my family


Two glimmering statues of authority

One treated me to chocolate and ice cream

The other warned me not to overeat

Learnt to resist the shiny foil and brown treasure beneath


Then little sister was born

I came, I saw, I was intrigued

Amid belly buttons and staying up late

Had eyes only for the brand new toy lying near the babe


The day my cousin was born

A tiger son to the Lee and Lim clans

I heard, saw and shrugged

Resumed to jamming my ears with the shiny ipod


Came to regret my judgement

When HE stopped by

Whatever that gleamed he ravaged with his mouth

Yet a sparkling smile made it impossible to scold


Fitting in thrice was never an issue

Made new friends and kept the old

Some were silver, some were gold

But wherever I went my family stayed


New jewels came my way

Allowance, hanging out with friends, my first phone

But when King Midas lusted for gold

He turned his beloved daughter hard as stone


One brand new year later

Resisting glitter and glam in a new stage of life

I’ve come to realise

That I can dig for eternity and find

No treasure more valuable than my family

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