Him, her, them, you, I.

A collection of poems inspired from my life, anime and music.
Thank you for reading.


23. Portfolio



Flimsy arrows of thread

Constantly splintered and frayed

Mended with spit

“Hurry and get the bull’s eye!” she chided

Needle in a haystack indeed


Sewing kit dumped on the table unceremoniously

Glasses precarious on the cliff of her nose

Cloth whisked away with flourish

She the magician working magic

I her eager audience


Roll of white thread impaled on a spear

Wound through a maze of hooks and holes

Princess Presser foot gently lowered

Capturing the cloth mouse in a trap

The helpless garment at the mercy of her fingers


A tiny click as two become one

Bobbin joining to its case

Clockwise direction, thread pulled right

A tiny trap door revealed sideways

Another click of confirmation


Steady frail coarse hands

Feet pushing

Two wheels churning

Eyes squinting and narrowing

The fabric bound together by toil and thread


Scissors brandished like a sword

Frayed ends of bits of string

Falling to the floor for a new beginning

Rebellious thread is spared no mercy

All loose ends tied up tight and snipped


Gleaming white metal awaits me during class

Stirred into action by one flick

One maneuver and the work is done.

The work is A-cceptable

But I miss the hum of the old sewing machine


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