Him, her, them, you, I.

A collection of poems inspired from my life, anime and music.
Thank you for reading.


22. My Sad life




The best things

Give you one small taste

One tiny experience

But when you reach out

Stretch out one grubby, grimy hand,

They pull back

Step back

Turn their back

And deny you.

They are still there,

They are always there.

One bike ride, one bus ride,

Or your two feet.

A few words, a quick message, a note.

A bucketload of recklessness

An eternity of patient waiting

But unlike the innocent princess

Hair a yard long

Princely blood climbing her tresses

She has Love, and he is coming.

While I wait

In dreamless slumber

But you never appear

To vanquish the endless nightmare

Of Reality.

For the young, naive woman

Who foolishly opened evil

Hope fluttered

At the bottom of the box.

While I find

A void at each corner I turn.

Light extinguished in Darkness.


Tall, formidable, invincible.

Indifference in the air I breathe.

My feet

Bare, tender, raw

Are scraped, dusty and scarred

Abrasions from taunts

Bruises from snide remarks

Cuts from fights and fear

Dirtied from disgust

The cold

Bites my uncovered hands and feet

Whips my unprotected hair and head

Chills the core of my heart

It was once Spring

Then Summer, fading swiftly into Autumn,

And I was too blissful


To put on the Winter jacket

of Self Preservation

and hibernate

and hide

From you



Hi guys,

Its been a tough time actually.

I applied for a writing scholarship. It was more selective than I expected it to be, and only 4 people were selected. I was not one of them.

The following works (and this one) are the writings I submitted in the portfolio. Although it was a big setback I've gotten over it and will try again next year.


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