Him, her, them, you, I.

A collection of poems inspired from my life, anime and music.
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26. My Life


So, my friend got into the writing program (but she's so nice and good at writing I can't bear a grudge). She is vv into this guy's writing but sadly he's 3 years older than us so no hope :P

So last week I checked out (STALKING) his blog, and he wrote;

You are extraordinary, and

I wish-

So I decided to continue for him, and wrote the following poem:

I wish-

you’ll meet
that kindred soul
whose innate goodness speaks volumes
to the heavy density of your words
Still gripping onto every statement
each refined line,
words savoured
as a sommelier relishes a claret

If you collide
so shall the sentences
fusing and mixing and blending
until the tongue runs dry
and lips are stiff
will you finally

part with autograph memorabilia

Ps connecting the dots

Let me explain/analyze hehe.

So both her and the guy are really into Atticus Finch, the portrayal of innate goodness in Maycomb. (unless you've read Go Set A Watchman, then you can argue his true merits)

We took this weird quiz on what profession you'll have in future, and her profession was sommelier. (plus this was after I wrote the poem!!)

She wants to meet him and get his autograph pretty badly, so that's why the last line.

And finally the postscript- connecting the dots is the theme we were set for in the creative writing program.

So rooting for her! Both are in debating club as well :D

Oh yeah, and he replied, but he has no idea who me and the friend are, so fingers crossed he got into the creative arts program (he's mentioned it in his blog)

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