Him, her, them, you, I.

A collection of poems inspired from my life, anime and music.
Thank you for reading.


20. My Life

Poem for Nicole


Our journey began one maundy Monday

One giant leap for me, one seat forward for you

Polite conversation dies away

Head bent

Back hunched

Absorbed in our own worlds


Quietness hangs between us

Not the awkward kind

The ‘need to start conversation kind’

Or the frigid kind

But the relaxed, comfy kind

Like sinking into a giant puffy pillow

Or a soft soccer ball


Our shared interests differ

Attending the same church

Just 2 hours apart

Laughter over ex-debate coaches and flushed underwear

A detached interest to DOTS

But averse to becoming addicted

Drowning in SW drafts, homework and tests

Need I say more?


Smiling, honest and righteous

Boldly changing LS marks

You are the moral conscience

In 2S.

If Atticus existed I’m sure

He’d find a kindred soul

In you

  For a good friend. I'm lame haha write poems as birthday gift card
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