Him, her, them, you, I.

A collection of poems inspired from my life, anime and music.
Thank you for reading.


10. Movie

She was annoying

Constantly looking at me

Requesting lessons

Math, pitfalls and a breath of fresh air

At least her best friend was pretty


He was amazing

Never failing to be top

Diligent, patient

Willingly falling into his “trap”

Only he had eyes for my friend


She was crazy

Throwing hard stones at a gambler

Not once but twice

Yelling curse words and running away

And her letter? What stupidity!


He was brave

Yet it was a stupid brave

Fearlessly running from those gangsters

Because he gambled! 

Got scolded thanks to him


She was selfless

Helped me instead of her grandma

Redeemed me and tainted herself

Siblings giggled as the innocent was punished

Every blow she endured I felt


He was a coward

Didn’t he even read what I spent weeks working on?

I climbed onto a truck into a new future

Yet if he didn’t come

I would remain in the past forever


She was kind

My supporting 'wife', not the shameful name they called her 


And I treated her like dirt

The dirt that I pound as I run across the road to her


He was forgiven

I saw the apology in his eyes

I smiled and he knew 

He mouthed my name for the first and last time

Before he vanished from view...and my life


Inspired from the movie Seven Letters, the part filmed and directed by Jack Neo, That Girl.  Its Singapore based, so some of you may not get the storyline, sorry! If you don't I can summarise it for you :)

That clip really made me cry because the girl was so self-sacrificial to the boy. I was fuming because the ending was so short and unsatisfactory- sort of leaves you hanging. It really portrays the power of young love and I used these emotions to compose the poem.

Hope you liked it!

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