Him, her, them, you, I.

A collection of poems inspired from my life, anime and music.
Thank you for reading.


27. Flash Poetry


So its been so long since I last posted and I truly apologise for that.

Last year I started this because I had a lot of emotional things going on and my only way to vent was through this. But this year I've had an amazing support group (and you all!) and so I've immersed myself in school life as well. So yes, these are my petty pathetic excuses for being away for so long. 

It's probably going to be an on and off thing, with me posting occasionally and then going on for weeks without a single thing to say. But I still read your stories! Myla.Lastivka, you have especially been the best. Your story keeps me going, keep publishing The Country Of Deserts!

Below are two short poems I'm dubbing flash poetry. I've made more, and even quotes, but I delete them because they sound bad :l here you go! 


I thought the warmth would fade away

for good

But the fire remained alive

Cutting swathes of hope in frigid heart

But the heat is mellow, even cold

the way words were to us that wintry spring.


The next is inspired by a UK trip with classmates and Brielle in Sky Sailing by Owl City!! GO CHECK IT OUT!


The best thing you ever did

Was shedding your shrouded cloak of anxiety

Between personalised print 

train tracks

and second hand drizzle

Seven magical days of colour dazzled emotion

In whimsical lyric and tangible nostalgia

Though I wish you'd stop hiding

in twice parts awkwardness one part doubt

meshed with bad memory without cohesion 

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