Him, her, them, you, I.

A collection of poems inspired from my life, anime and music.
Thank you for reading.


19. Anime



She taught me how to smile

And then cry

And then forget

And so my heart remembered


She taught me how to cry

And then smile

And then remember,

The soothing balm after the wound


He taught me how to laugh

How to make my heart flutter

Then ache

Then break


She taught me to let go

Then hold on

To sweep out the old

And make new


She taught me to hold on

Then let go

Teetering between fate’s mercy

But either way I will lose


He taught me how to be patient

A strong pillar of support

To be unselfish, tender, loyal

For tears to be shed and words left unsaid


She taught me to welcome

Then say farewell

She cried so many times

And I held her like I would never let her go


She taught me to say farewell

Then to welcome

She was everything I needed

But I wasn’t what she wanted


He- was we.

There were two

Vying for attention

My support, my love


He- was we

Best friends, brother

Yet I was the knife

Cutting and fraying their tender thread of friendship


She showed me darkness

And gave me light

We promised not to leave each other’s

And we are together- in spirit, in mind, in soul


She showed me light

And gave me darkness

But I shut the window

So another could open the door


He- was we

But one turned down the fruit of his labour

Rejected the inviting water though he was thirsty

And gave it to another with more need


The greatest sacrifice

A friend can ever do

Is to give up someone he or she loves

For a better person like you




Inspired by Bokura Ga Ita.

I've been meaning to write a poem like this for some time. Love triangles are pretty common, but what touches me is how someone can give up a loved one to someone else who 'they're meant to be with'. Examples are Batman in The Lego Movie and Jem and Will in The Infernal Devices. But when I saw this anime today it broke my heart.

Hope you enjoy!


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