Him, her, them, you, I.

A collection of poems inspired from my life, anime and music.
Thank you for reading.


6. Anime

She and I hit it off instantly

Or rather, she hit me

While I yelled

And secretly enjoyed it

You could say our personalities clash

Dignified, proud and proper

Sloppy, untidy and cheery

Yet deep down inside we were both alike

Longing to slip out of world’s rigid structure

And run to where everything sparkled

When I brought her there

Her hand clasped mine

And she taught me another way to embrace the world

Since then she never touched me

Until I dried her tears

And she embraced me and the world again

That day we once again slipped out of society

Stood there to admire the lights

Her hand clasped mine all too quickly

And then it was over

And yet she confessed

Not chaste, prim or proper 

But a full blown yell

On the verge to hit me again

But instead I wrapped my arms around her

And the solid, firm, rigid person I knew

Became soft and yielding in my arms

And I whispered the words she longed to hear

She still hits me now and then

But once in a while I catch her looking at me

And her eyes say, “Do you want to see the lights again?”


This and the previous poem is all inspired by various couples in Special A. My friend requested it last time on another site :) 

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