Him, her, them, you, I.

A collection of poems inspired from my life, anime and music.
Thank you for reading.


4. Anime

Rivals and friends

Motto: I will beat him!

Forever fighting and squabbling all through

Elementary, Middle and High School

But I always won


I was rich

She was poor

But her character more value than mine

Childhood, teens to young woman and man

But I always won


I nicknamed her ‘second best’  

Infuriated, she worked hard

Never letting up once

Exams, challenges and our pro wrestling

But I always won


As blows rained down my back

Her eyes were my balm

Revenge was exacted

I calculated my techniques

After all, I always won


She joined the enemy

It was unforgivable, and so I went all out

Victory was a multi layered ice cream cone

After all, I always won


But she dared kick down my closed door

Thawed out my heart from the ice

A hand on my shoulder, an offer to help

What could I do but agree?

Still, I always won


Her untamed hair tucked back by a flower

A dress matching her eye colour

Shy and demure hiding a devilish nature

The sight made me blush and grin

After all, I always won


Her hair was flowing like that night

Usually it was tied back in two long plaits

Sometimes it was curled up and pinned back

She always looked good no matter what

Still, I always won


The day she naively kissed me

And I swore to hold back no longer

Her kindness would make her do anything

But my selfishness would not allow it 

Still, I always won


I would go anywhere with her

Sick, healthy, danger or safety

Only she could leave an impression on me

Like my lips made an impression on her 

Still, I always won


An ‘extracurricular’ event at an amusement park

With only us on the field trip

Bowling, cars, buying drinks

Everything except her was in my grasp

Didn’t I always win?


She thanked me with hands on my shoulders

And hope sprung in me like a fountain

Yet she immediately pulled back

And looked down, lost and afraid

Didn’t I always win?


Her breath whispers, “I finally understand”

She gently bends and kisses my forehead

I gaze at her like a small child gazes at his mother

Suddenly my phone rings and the moment is lost

Didn’t I always win?


The plane takes off and she’s left behind

Hair flying, tears dripping, flowers tucked in her shirt pocket.

I whisper goodbye and smile sadly as she disappears from sight.

Its impossible to see her again.

This time, I no longer want to win


Yet that was not the last I saw of her

She and the birthday gift appeared

A race, a clock tower and our first kiss

And now I realise I’ve never won    

Because from the start she won my heart


Inspired from Special A The anime is funny, and I ship Akira and Tadashi like mad. Not going to give spoilers. The animation (which is the whole point of watching, alas) might now be as good compared to other anime.

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