Him, her, them, you, I.

A collection of poems inspired from my life, anime and music.
Thank you for reading.


3. Anime

~~~~~~~~~~~Part 1~~~~~~~~~~~

The day I saw her

The world changed

It suddenly sparkled

Like fireworks had lit up the sky

My rigid, hard four walls

She tore them apart

And shone sunlight into my world

She became what I had lost

My sense of purpose

My pillar of strength

I once thought she was lost forever

Like Mother

Faded like a wilting flower

But she bloomed unexpectedly

And became my forever spring

So, why...

Why do I see her hanging around the corridor

Waiting for another?

Why do I see her embrace someone

Other than me?

Why does she freely give her smile and phone number

Yet reserves her cold, emotional and cruel side to me?

My best friend turned rival

He has it all

Good looks, athletic, smart,

Who wouldn’t fall for him?

But the selfishness in my heart says otherwise

Especially when she turns up again in my life

Makes me do things I never dared to do

Cleaned years of dust off my instrument

Forced me to play again

And the warmth in my heart

Wishes that spring would last forever

But its all a lie

a cruel lie in April

~~~~~Part 2~~~~~~~

Sort of like a continuation to the first part.

One day I saw him

And the world changed

Life suddenly sparkled

And never seemed to dim

We were best friends, brother and sister

I fretted, doted and looked out for him

Forced him to step out of his comfort zone

Everyone knew him as a prodigy

The youngest winner

Of a prestigious piano competition

But I knew him as the broken boy

The guy forced to grow up quickly

When the only woman that mattered to him passed on

He was there, serious or insane

And made my world matter

So, why... Why can’t it be me who makes his world sparkle?

Why did he see everything monotone with me,

And see everything bright with her?

She has it all

Exceptional talent, beauty and kindness

While I have a bat, a ball and a tendency to get into trouble

Everytime he jokingly calls me his little sister

My heart cracks another time

Because that is all he sees in me

Someone he needs to pick up on

I saw him willingly jump into the water

Something after years of coaxing he had refused to do

How can a stranger like her completely steal his heart away

And give him courage?

The day a guy confessed to me

A year my senior, the guy every girl wants

Yet my heart did not sparkle

Did not shine like a starry night in winter

Instead the snow in my heart hardened

Like ice

Although it was spring in April

A cruel lie in April


Inspiration- Your Lie In April A fabulous anime, but it will make you cry. Definitely. Watch at your own risk.

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