You Are Kidding Me!

I'm sure you'd hyperventilate if you found that you're jumping from an only child to the brother of three siblings. Make the three new arrivals a tomboy, the new favourite in the family and the girl-you-fall-for-who-hates-you-at-first-sight, and you have the makings of a nightmare. Alas for Nathaniel K. Smith, its a living one.
Despite his usual tenacity, determination and way too vivid imagination, this is certainly beyond his wildest dreams. With his reputation on the line, will he be able to keep the terrifying additions to his family a secret?
Jeer, cheer, laugh or aww in this way too cheesy reminder that coincidences are never coincidences, love is never easy and not to ever wish life was less boring...


21. Chapter 20

Elizabeth's pov

Finally, I break the silence
“I’m sorry.”
“No, I’m sorry,” he says.
“I’m sorry for acting like, well, a total jerk.” He bows his head, “I shouldn’t have rushed things. And…” he trails off and his face gets redder. I resist the urge to grab his hand and tell him its fine, I’m fine.
“I’m sorry for taking your first kiss!”
Somehow his sincere apology strikes a chord in me. My first kiss… The last time I was kissed was from my Daddy. His breath smelt and his beard tickled, and I unconsciously pushed myself away from him.

Not Nathaniel. His breath smelt of something nice I can vaguely recall, and whatever little facial hair he had was gone due to his habit of shaving every morning. 
But that wasn’t all. When his lips touched mine, it didn’t feel like sparks, or that I would be swept away and live happily ever after. But I felt… Happy, and at ease with the world. He was tender, not like the ‘perfect kisses’ on television where they smush their faces together and do the horrendous ‘lip sucking’. Not the kind you have when making out either- with tongues. He kissed me reverently, blissfully, uttering his feelings for me in ways that words are unable to describe.
Without thinking, I blurt out, “Well, I can’t say I didn’t like it!”

I gasp and hide my face in my hands. There’s no way he’ll like me anymore, not after all this drama! Now things will be awkward between us all over again.


Nathaniel's pov

“Well, I can’t say I didn’t like it…”
She seems as stunned as I am by her statement. She immediately shakes her head and backs away, as if I have suddenly turned from into a fearsome lion.
“Please, forget it,” she laughs nervously, but her laughter… seems… off.
Suddenly, I am tired. 
I am tired of this mess.
I am tired how slowly fate seems to push us together. How it forced us together in the same house, in rooms next to each other, and we’ve barely gotten to the point of friendship!

I don’t just want this. I want her to know how I feel, and I want to know how she feels. Because it can happen. I know it.
The swing creaks as I get off and turn to face her. I crouch before her, look her in the eye.
“Say it.”
“Say what?”
“Say if you like me.”
A sharp intake of breath, and then,
“I like you, Nathaniel K. Smith.”
My hands move to encircle her back and caress it. I tighten my grip around the first girl I’ve ever truly cared about besides Mom. 

I look up at her and my hand brushes away her tears, and I bend down to overcome the 5 centimetres of height between us. My nose brushes hers and I swear electricity jolts through our veins. 
My heart is thudding, so loud, and all kinds of emotions race through me. One is trepidation, that someone will barge in and ruin this moment. One is fear, that this connection between us won’t last. One is victory, because I know today is an important landmark for me.
“I like you too.”
Then joy. Just joy. Indescribable joy.


I thus conclude the story chronicling my crazy year when I was 14.
“What is this…”
I turn from my laptop and grin at the girl - girlfriend of 14 months - reading over my shoulder.
“Oh come on Nathaniel, you’re kidding. You are not going to put our love story on the internet.”
“I told you to call me Nathan, Elizabeth.”
“Sure, Nat Nat.”




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