Just the lyrics for the lullaby mentioned in Violet.

1. I did not write it in Spanish.
2. Yes, I could have written it in Spanish.
3. No, I probably won't get around to translating it into Spanish any time soon because I'm astonishingly lazy.


1. Diciembre

Where are you, my child

Where have you gone?

You say that you left

To become strong

But you have your father's eyes

They are filled with love

And they see no lies

Come home, my child,

Come home


January left you cold,

February left you old

Where is my child

Who smiled so bright

And held your

Mother's light?


March came and left you spent

April came and off you went

Come home, my child,

Come home


May brought out your laugh

In June you were home at last

But now you have gone

And you left me alone

Come home, my child,

Come home


July, August,

September, October

Each month added weight

To your shoulders

Where are you, my child,

Where have you gone?

November never felt so long


December is here, and

My child is home

My child! My child!

You have become strong

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