Their Children ~ THR Book 2

It's been 16 years since Clementine, William, Tyson and Charisma were born, and they're all living their lives in school together.
Are their lives all the same as their parents', or are they completely different?

**I own this book but not any of the original Harry Potter Characters. I own all Characters created by me**
***This is the second book in a series so I suggest you read the first book first***

Cover by the extremely fabulous 'Lady Tatertot'! *check her out she's fabbb*


8. Chapter 7

I want something interesting to happen in this so I wrote this and ummmmmmm I have nothing to say for myself IT WAS THE DEMONS FROM HELL I SWEAR!!!

William POV

We're back in Hogwarts, in the safety of our dorm rooms. I lay down on my bed, the morning rays starting to creep through the cracks of the red velvet curtains.

"Hey," a voice whispers to me. "We're all ready to play. You coming?"

I nod and quietly slip out of my bed. I notice that all the beds are empty already. Did I really not notice everyone leaving?

I follow Matty down the secret stairs behind the portrait, and we join the other Gryffindor 7th Years. We're all now officially 18, as Tom had his birthday 2 days ago.

I look around and see that the Gryffindor 7th Year Girls have joined us also. Clementine gives me a small wave and turns back to talk to her friends. Tyson waves me over to him and his friends, and I walk over.

"Hey," I say as I sit down.

Tyson grins at me and asks, "ready for the game?"

There's only 9 boys here, but there's 11 girls, making a total of 20 people. I think it's very convenient.

"Sure," I say, but my tone goes serious. "As long as Clementine doesn't find out."

By this time, the rest of the boys have joined, and all of them know my secret already. They all nod in agreement and some pat me on the shoulders. It's nice to know that everyone cares about me.

I brush my shaggy blonde fringe out of my eyes and clear my throat. I'm the oldest person here (older than Clementine by 2 minutes), and it's tradition that the oldest person always starts the games. We have special permission from Professor Crawford, who created the games so we could all have a bit of fun every month.

"Welcome, everyone!" I say. "Let's start the games!"

We all gather into a circle, all the boys sitting together and all the girls sitting together.

"The rules," Joe says, "are written down, but for all to see I think I will just project them into the air."

The rules suddenly appear in the air:

To skip a turn, you must take off an item of clothing.

You must chose the person that the bottle lands on.

Anything is allowed.

Everyone nods, clarifying that everyone understands the rules and accepts them.

"Let's start," Tom says. 

He pulls out a beer bottle from behind him and places it in the middle of the circle. He spins it and it lands on Kayla, one of the girls sitting next to Clementine.

"Truth," She says.

"Have you had sex yet?" Tom asks.

Everyone starts laughing, and I'm glad that everyone is happy.

"Aaaaaaand he starts it off with a sexual one!" Clementine says, barely able to say anything through laughter.

The bottle keeps spinning, but it never lands on Clementine, James or I. Finally, it lands on James.

"Dare," James tells Tilly, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Kiss your crush, because we all know you have one here!" She replies with a laugh. Last month when we played the game, James admitted that he has a crush on someone here.

"Well..." James says, and starts to stand up.

Then he turns his head in my direction. There are only guys where he is looking. And I know that he's not going to change where he's looking.

James is Gay. And I never knew.


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