Their Children ~ THR Book 2

It's been 16 years since Clementine, William, Tyson and Charisma were born, and they're all living their lives in school together.
Are their lives all the same as their parents', or are they completely different?

**I own this book but not any of the original Harry Potter Characters. I own all Characters created by me**
***This is the second book in a series so I suggest you read the first book first***

Cover by the extremely fabulous 'Lady Tatertot'! *check her out she's fabbb*


6. Chapter 5

Lots of updates because I am V sick and dying so I am gonna write a lot.

William POV

I press my ear closer against the door, listening in on the pair of them. Why did Julia have to ask if she knew? I haven't told anyone but her yet! Jeez. The amount you have to do to keep a secret these days is extensive.

Suddenly, the door opens and I fall forward onto my face.

"Ouch," I murmur as I rub my head.

Clementine looks down on me and cocks an eyebrow. I smile weakly in reply, and she grabs my by my shirt and pulls me inside her room.

She closes the door behind her and asks, "is there any reason as to why you were listening in on my conversation with Jules?"

"Not really..." When I see that Lemon isn't buying it, I say, "Jules told me to!"

Her head whips around to stare at Jules. "Really?" She asks, her eyes narrowing.

"Look!" Jules says. "I owe all of you an explanation, but for now, lets just focus on what I was about to tell Clem. Who Ronnie's mum and dad are."

I stare at her. "How do you know that?" I ask.

She frowns. "Don't make me repeat that, please?"

I chuckle and nod my head.

"Well," she says, "Ronnie's dad is in fact Ron, but he's dead right now. He killed himself 6 months after his child was born. So much for 'no sex before marriage', am I right?"

We frown at her.

"Well, if Hermione and Draco were here they would get it!" She says.

"And we do," a voice says from behind the door.

Jukes slaps her hand against her forehead and says, "we must've made too much noise."

"Right you are!" Mum says. "Now open this fucking door!"

I walk over and open the door, to see mum and dad staring back at me.

"So it's true then?" Dad asks, pushing past me to get to Jules. "Ron is the father?"

Jules nods. "And the mother is someone you might've known. I'm sure Draco knew her."

Dad freezes. "Are you sure?"

"Positive," Jules replies, nodding.

"Well then, who is she?" Mum asks.

"Her last name is Greengrass," Jules announces.

Mum faints again.

Short update because I'm about to take my many types of medicines so I don't DIE! (Joking!!! I'm not about to die don't hate me I just feel like it.)

Anyways, TBH you weren't expecting that, were you? Tell me who you thought the mum was!!

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