Their Children ~ THR Book 2

It's been 16 years since Clementine, William, Tyson and Charisma were born, and they're all living their lives in school together.
Are their lives all the same as their parents', or are they completely different?

**I own this book but not any of the original Harry Potter Characters. I own all Characters created by me**
***This is the second book in a series so I suggest you read the first book first***

Cover by the extremely fabulous 'Lady Tatertot'! *check her out she's fabbb*


4. Chapter 3

I wanna have something from the past in here.... :) MWAHAHAHAHA!!! Also I am sorry a bunch for not updating lately, I got my subjects for next year and (thank God) I got everything I wanted. I don't know why the fuck I told you guys that. Ok read on please! :)


I walk into the front hall with Seb and Nicki, to find most of my family crowded around my wife.

"Mione?" I ask. She gets up off the floor, rubbing her head. She must have fainted. "Are you ok?"

"DRACO! RON IS ALIVE!" She screams.

My eyes open wide with surprise.

"H-How do you know that? Why are the kids here? Why isn't Jules here?" I ask. I have so many questions.

"Ronnie... She's this new girl in the twins' class... She looks exactly like Ginny! BUT SHE ISN'T GINNY'S!" Hermione screams again. She's getting very worked up.

"Ok, Ok, caaaaalm dooooown," I tell her. "What is the proof?"

"I just... Know! Ginny and the others haven't had any children except for Bill! And the others..." She trails off. I know she's thinking about Fred and how he died. It's always been a sad subject for her.

"Ok... So then he's... alive?" I ask. My voice wavers just the slightest bit.

"Hopefully not," She whispers in reply.

I lean over and kiss her forehead tenderly. A chorus of 'ewwwww' resonates behind our backs. I turn around and shush everyone with a smile on my face.

I hug the twins saying, "I haven't seen you in so long!"

"But we're here!" Clementine says with tears in her eyes.

"Where's Jules? Is she Ok?" I ask.

I see the twins and Tyson share a glance.

"We haven't... seen her since school has started. She's cut all ties with us. For all we know," Clementine says, "She isn't even at Hogwarts anymore."

William, noticing my wide eyes, steps in and says, "Which of course, she is!" 

He glares at Clementine and hugs me.

"Well," I say, "I'm glad you're Ok, my Lemon and Will. And you also, Ty."

Ty laughs and says, "Glad to be here, Draco!"


"So now that we're all calm and sitting down with some tea," I say, gesturing to the now steaming mugs of tea that we hold in our hands, "Let's discuss this rationally. Where do we start?"

"Well," Will says, "If this really is the child of Ron, then we should befriend her to try and find out what has happened to him."

The children were disgusted when we told them about Weasley, but agreed that they wouldn't talk about it any further as it upsets Hermione.

"I agree," Lemon adds. "She should hold some important information that we could learn by befriending her."

Tyson nods. "I am interested in this plan, but here's the question we should all ask; Who's the mother?"

Hermione's eye widen as she realises that we should have been focusing on figuring that out.

"How would we find that out?! It's not as if she's just going to magically appear! How do we know that Ronnie even knows her parents?! She might be adopted! SHE MIGHT NOT HAVE A FAMILY!" Hermione screams.

"Hermione," I whisper as I rub her arm soothingly. "It's going to be alright."

"Get a room," Lemon scoffs.

I glare at her, and she flicks me off. I guess we're all a bit agitated today.

"RIGHT!" I announce, standing up. "LETS ALL GO TO BED!"


We've worked out the bedding arrangements. As always, Hermione and I are sharing a bed together, the Tiny Twins are sharing a room, the Tyson and Will will share and Lemon gets her own room.

Ohhhhh! Who's the dad? Who's the mum? Where the fuck is Julia?


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