Their Children ~ THR Book 2

It's been 16 years since Clementine, William, Tyson and Charisma were born, and they're all living their lives in school together.
Are their lives all the same as their parents', or are they completely different?

**I own this book but not any of the original Harry Potter Characters. I own all Characters created by me**
***This is the second book in a series so I suggest you read the first book first***

Cover by the extremely fabulous 'Lady Tatertot'! *check her out she's fabbb*


2. Chapter 1

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Tyson POV

I watch Clementine blush as I poke her playfully in the side. Our relationship has always been friendship-only, but recently I've been beginning to feel something else... Something new. I don't know how to describe it... It like, whenever I see her... My stomach feels queasy and I feel like there are butterflies in it.

I'm snapped out of my thoughts as I hear the loud clack of stilettos against the linoleum floor of the Duelling Hall. I look up to see myself face to face with Charisma.

"Oh look," she sneers. "It's gay boy and his group of trolls! Or should I say... Butterbeerboy, Gayboy and Lesbiotch! What a fine super... Disaster team you guys make!"

Clementine rolls her eyes at her and remarks, "that wasn't funny or witty in the slightest way."

"It was," Charisma retorts. "You're just stupid!"

She walks away, smirking. She waggles her ass slightly as she walks. It's very sexy.

Clementine snorts and turns back to her book. She's reading all of these books by... I think the author is called Shakespeare... Not sure. I should look into that. Anyway, I plan of giving her a few of them for her birthday.

Will turns to me and asks, "What's the time?"

"10 minutes since you last asked, and yes, I am aware that the teacher is late," I tell him.

"27 minutes now," Will says happily.

Clementine rolls her eyes and tells William, "you've got to get over this obsession with being superior to the teacher. Just because they're late does not make you the higher person!"

William pouts and shrinks back into his seat, grumbling something about him wanting us to go and fuck ourselves.

Suddenly, the teacher walks into the classroom with a girl beside her. She's got flaming red hair which curls slightly at the end, blue-green eyes and freckles splattered prettily across her cheeks. She had an angular face, is pretty slim and has a limited ass, but she makes up for that in the breast department. If I had to guess, I'd say about a DD. Maybe a little smaller.

"Hi," she says. Her voice sounds like music, as if she's singing her words. "I'm Ronnie. Ronnie W."

"Welcome to the class!" Clementine beams.

They start chatting and I turn to William.

"She's too similar for it to be a coincidence," William says.

I frown and look at him, and Clementine turns to us also.

"Guys, I think there's a problem here," she says.

Still not getting it, I look at them hesitantly. William rolls his eyes and says, "She looks exactly like Aunty Ginny!"

My head snaps to the direction of Ronnie, and I start to notice the similarities. Could it really be? Aunty Ginny was never pregnant... She would have told us if she was! And anyway, she's never been married, and as far as we all know, she's never had sex before!

"Too true," Clementine voices, taking me out of my thoughts.

"What?" I ask.

"We should ask Mother about it tonight," William says. "She deserves to know if this is Ginny's child."

"Wait..." I say, remembering something. "Ginny had... 4 brothers. It could be one of theirs. Fred, George, Percy and Bill."

"Fred... Passed away before he had any children, Katie is in the year above us, Percy never had any children and neither did George. Honestly!" Clementine says.

Ronnie taps Clementine on the shoulder and asks her something, causing Clementine to turn around and start talking to her.

"I don't know what's happening," William says, "but I don't like it. It feels... Wrong somehow."

"I agree," I say, staring at Ronnie.

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