College Year. *lrh*

Malia thought high school was bad. Wait till she steps foot in collage.

"What the fuck dude watch where you're going." I said as I straighten out my shirt.

"Well well well so this is how we're always gonna meet huh babe." I hear a familiar deep accent say.

"Luke.?" I asked shooked looking up at him.

"Hello sunshine. Welcome to collage." He smirks at me.

This should be interesting.

Sequel to *Senior Year*


7. You going.?

Malia's (P.O.V)

The following week was a killer. Having to hear Harry calling me and Luke continuing to try to win his stupid bet. He's got 3 more months and he's not backing down anytime soon.

I walk to cafe beside Tory.

"The party's tonight. You going.?" Tory asked before walking to get her tray.

I nod. "Have to keep my mind off stuff somehow." I sigh.

"Well you're gonna have fun tonight and that's a promise." Tory smirks.

I roll my eyes and chuckle. "We'll see."


"Ok how about this one." I say as I walk out the bathroom with a skin tight black dress that goes to my mid thigh with a v cut on my back.

"Hot." Tory smirked.

"You're not bad yourself." I smile liking over at her lace red tight short dress.

"Why thank you babe." She laughs.

I chuckle. "When is Calum getting here.?" I asked before looking at myself in the mirror to fix my makeup.

"He'll be here in 10." She replied looking at her phone.

I just nod.

Few minutes passed before we heard Calum's car horn.

"He's here." Tory squealed as she grabbed her purse.

"Let's goo." I smiled putting my phone in my small purse.

We walked out our room the only sound heard was our heels clicking against the floor. We walk out seeing Calum's BMW waiting outside.

"Wow you guys look amazing." Michael smirked.

"Eyes up kid." I chuckle.

He rolls his eyes playfully before we got in the car.


Luke's (P.O.V)

I walked in the with Ashton to Brazil's house. Well what was left of his house.

It was your casual college party. Well not casual more like wild.

I sighed before walking to the kitchen.

"You ok man.?" Ash asked grabbing a beer.

"I don't know. I just been thinking about the whole situation with M." I shrug.

"Have you ever thought you might actually have feelings for Malia that's why you're so caught up in this bet." Ash said taking a sip of his beer.

I nod. "I do but it won't mean anything. She'll never give me a chance."

"Then drop the bet. I'm not saying that so you us money no. In matter of fact don't at all. We just want you to be with someone who would take care of you and make you happy." He smiles patting my back.

I sigh looking up to see Cal and Mike.

"Hey hey." Mike laughed walking in.

"Hey man." Ash laughed.

I look past them to see if M was with them and to no surprise she was. And I have got to tell you she looked HOT. Which gave me a bad feeling as well. He long ginger hair flowing her curve figure fitting her just right.

"Heyy." Tory smiled at us.

"Hey T." Me and Ash said back.

Malia walked up to us and placed a small smile on her face.

"W-wow M." Ash said eyeing her.


"Well I didn't come to just rand around." She giggled.

The music blasting through the whole house.

"Dance with me." She smiles taking Michael wrist.

She smirked in my direction before walking to the living room.

"Where's Brazil.?" Cal asked leaning on the tall counter of the kitchen.

"We haven't seen him." I shrugged.

"Probably walking around trying to get laid in his own house." Ash smirked.

"Ok ew." Tory chuckled.

I shake my head as I looked up seeing Michael and Malia dancing with each other. Her body moving against his as she grinds on him.

"Hey pretty boy you ok.?" Tory chilled walking over to me.

"Nothing." I simply say as I continue to stare at them.

She looks over at what my eyes were on. "You know that could've been you from the start." She sighs.

"She'll never give me a second chance." I say looking down at my beer bottle.

"She would but you pretty much ruined it with that fucking bet." She said.

"I dropped the bet." I say looking at her.

Her eyes widen. "Really.?"

I nod. "I like her I really do. I don't know why I stayed in that bet."

"I mean you only missed up once. So you can find a way to make it up to her." She softly smiled.

I look up at her and smile.

"I'll do just that."

Sorry for the lame and late chapter I've been busy lately but I'll try my best to update as much as possible.

Lots of love. Jay.

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