College Year. *lrh*

Malia thought high school was bad. Wait till she steps foot in collage.

"What the fuck dude watch where you're going." I said as I straighten out my shirt.

"Well well well so this is how we're always gonna meet huh babe." I hear a familiar deep accent say.

"Luke.?" I asked shooked looking up at him.

"Hello sunshine. Welcome to collage." He smirks at me.

This should be interesting.

Sequel to *Senior Year*


13. Yeah Sure.

Luke's (P.O.V)

"Yeah so the fight is tomorrow night you're up against Henry Waters." Calum said leaning on the counter as we spoke in the kitchen.

"Isn't he a junior in college.?" I ask walking to the fridge.

"Well yeah but you can take him." Calum smiles as he takes a sip from his Coke.

"I don't know mate." I shrug grabbing a Pepsi as I see Tory and Malia speaking on the couch. Once her eyes met my I looked away.

"Cmon you've been training your whole life..well since you were 12." He says.

I look over at him as I lean on the counter with my elbows supporting me."Fine I'm in."

"Hell yeah." Calum smiles high fiving me. "I'll call Brazil."

I sigh before pushing myself off the counter.

"Where's the fight.?" A small voice scares me.

I turn to see Malia walking into the kitchen hugging her small figure.

"I'm not sure yet. Calum has to check with Brazil." I simply reply with a shrug.

"Oh." She nods abut to walk out.

"Wait M.?" I say before she's fully out the kitchen.

She stops before turning back around. "Yeah.?"

I walk over to her placing my soda on the counter. "I umm was wondering if you would like to go for a drive with me tonight..if you want to." I say nervously.

She chuckles before nodding "Sure that'll be nice." He answers before walking out.

I smile "Yeees." I whisper to my self.


Malia's (P.O.V)

"No something casual M." Tory said walking to my closet.

"Okok. This.?" I ask pulling out a high waisted shinny jeans.

"Yees and with this." She smiles taking a black chevron mesh bustier.

"Don't you think it's a little to much." I ask bitting my bottom lip.

"Naa that's why you're gonna be wearing your flannel." She smirks. "To add more you to it."

I chuckle before taking the clothes and heading to the bathroom.

I look at myself in the mirror and sigh. I couldn't stop thinking about this morning. Was he really going to kiss me.? I mean I wouldn't mind since I wanted him to. But why...he's done too much shit to me. His attitude and behavior is intense. But something about him when he asked my out tonight showed a soft side of him. His voice filled with nervousness, and soft eyes as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Uugh why didn't Calum have to barge in. Talk about the biggest cock block ever.

Before I knew it I was all ready. The high waist shinny jeans matching with the crop top Tory picked out and the flannel Mick gave me.

I walk out looking at the time. 7:36. "Ok so what do you think.?" I ask Tory as she lays on her stomach on my bed scrolling through her phone.

    She looks up and smirks. "Classy yet sexy." She winks.

   I giggle shaking my head. My phone dings earning a message.

   "Oooo lover boy texted you saying he'll be here in 10." Tory says after reading the message I'm assuming was from Luke.

"Ok I need my shooes." I trial off looking for my vans.

"Don't you think the flannel sorta ruins the outfit a bit." Tory nervously said pressing her index finger and thumb centimeters away from each other.

I look at the faded green flannel and shrug. "You said to put at least some Malia on it so I did." I say putting on my shoes and placing my hands on my hips.

Tory just chuckles before a familiar horn was shoot from the outside.

"Dates here." Tory smirked.

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