College Year. *lrh*

Malia thought high school was bad. Wait till she steps foot in collage.

"What the fuck dude watch where you're going." I said as I straighten out my shirt.

"Well well well so this is how we're always gonna meet huh babe." I hear a familiar deep accent say.

"Luke.?" I asked shooked looking up at him.

"Hello sunshine. Welcome to collage." He smirks at me.

This should be interesting.

Sequel to *Senior Year*


4. Ready.?

Luke's (P.O.V)

I stood in from of James with my fists inches away from my face.

"Ready.?" Brazil asked through the mic.

We nod our heads as he rang the bell.

James swigged his arm as I dogged his punch. I moved back as I let him get one punch on me to make it fair and get bets.

I looked at him my vision blurry from the hit on my jaw. I see his fist coming towards me as I block my face before punching his cheek.

He moved back moving his jaw.

He came to attack swinging. I moved myself not getting hit but once.

I punch his stomach as he bends down in pain I send my fist up hitting his chin. He feel back with his lip bleeding. He gets up before we get to count. Really dude. I thought.

I've been training my life having two older brothers. I started fighting since I was 12 never stopped since then when my mom passed away. It was a way to let out my anger.

He hits my my jaw once again. What the hell is him and jaws tf. I get annoyed as I punch his nose with full force the blood spills out as it hits me and the people behind me surrounding the circle.

He falls once again holding his nose.

"1" Brazil starts to count with everyone else.



They ring the bell as everyone goes crazy cheering and yelling.

Brazil runs up to me raising my arm.

"Winner.!" He yells as James gets up with help from his friends.

I look up seeing Malia with her hands crossed. I smirk up at her as Harry wraps his arm around her whispering something in her ear.

I roll my eyes. He better watch it.


"That was amazing Luke. And looky looky." Cal smiles showing me the money..and it was A LOT.

I chuckle taking some of it "Looks like you're bee good this school year." I tell him.

"I gotta say you got moves Hemmings." Tory said walking over to us with Malia and Harry.

I smirk and nod. "Well did you enjoy the fight." I ask Malia.

"I just wish the blood on your body was yours." She says.

I roll my eyes.

"Hey hey hey." Brazil says walking over to us.

"Great fight. Remember you got another next week." He told me.

I nod as he handed Malia some money.

"You betted.?" I asked her.

"Might as well the the full experience." She smiles.

I chuckle.


Harry's (P.O.V)

We walk out as Luke stopped me.

"You ready.?" He asked.

"I don't know. But I've done it before so I guess." I mumble.

"Don't worry mate she'll be with me after." He smirks.

"And how is that good.?" I ask.

"We get our money and she gets lesson." He shrugs.

I sigh.

Can't believe I'm doing this. But it's happened before so it wouldn't be something new...right.?

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