College Year. *lrh*

Malia thought high school was bad. Wait till she steps foot in collage.

"What the fuck dude watch where you're going." I said as I straighten out my shirt.

"Well well well so this is how we're always gonna meet huh babe." I hear a familiar deep accent say.

"Luke.?" I asked shooked looking up at him.

"Hello sunshine. Welcome to collage." He smirks at me.

This should be interesting.

Sequel to *Senior Year*


8. Put me down.

Luke's (P.O.V)

"WOOO.!" The people cheer raising red cups in the air.

I turn my head seeing Malia on the kitchen counter dancing with some girls.

"Oh no." I say as I push myself off the wall.

"Luke.?" I hear Tory calling me.

"Who gave M a drink." I asking point at a really wasted Malia.

"I-I don't know she was with Mike and the next minute she was grindin on some guy." She said rubbing her forehead.

"T you kno-" I stop my words as I see a guy all over Malia.

My blood boils as my hands form a fist.

"Luke calm down." Calum says placin his hands on my shoulder.

I ignore him and walk over to Malia.

"Heyy fuckboy." Malia giggles as she looked down at me.

I take her wrist pulling her over my shoulder.

"Hey let me down.!" She yells hitting my back with her weak hands.

"I'm not gonna start shit tonight Malia." I say as I walk out the house with Cal and Tory following behind.

"Tory make him out me down." I hear Malia say as she tried to push herself off me.

"Sorry M but you need to get home." Tory says as she got in the car.

"Uugh." Malia groans as I put her in the car switching the lock to child's safety lock before closing it.

I walk around getting in the car seeing Malia trying to open the door.

"Let me out." She says hitting the window.

"Malia calm down." Tory said as she turned to face her.

"No.!" She yells continuing to try opening the door.

I roll my eyes as we drove to Mine and Calum's place we rented with the money of my fights.

Minutes pasted and Malia gave up trying to open the door.

"We're here." Calum sighs turning off the car.

I nod getting out the car, I walk to Malia's door opening it and placing her over my shoulder again.

"Let me down you whore." Malia says before she lets out a strange gag sound.

"Do you have the keys to the to the house.?" I ask turning to Calum.

"Yeah and mate I don't thing you should be moving her too much she had a lot to drink." He says looking at me hold Malia.

"She'll be fine." I say speaking too soon. Malia moaned and then her body lurched. The awful groan/growl that always accompanied vomit preceded a splashing sound. The back of my leg felt wet.

I froze. "Tell me she didn't." I say looking at Calum.

He bent back for a second liking behind me. "She did."

I turned around jogging up the stairs and walking straight to the bathroom.

I place Malia carefully down in front of the toilet she moaned again vomiting into the toilet. I sigh taking the srunchie from her wrist before tying her long tangled hair up to a pony tail.

I get up walking to the small closet in the hall and pulling out a blanket and two pillows. If she's gonna be there all night might as well make her feel comfortable.

I walk back to the bathroom seeing Malia leaning on the tub with her head laying in her arm.

She was beautiful either way. My feelings for her were growing each and everyday. I sigh placesing to blanket in the floor and leaning the pillows against the wall.

I sit next to Malia moving her closer to me as she laid her head on my chest.

I smile down at her kissing her forehead.

"Luke.?" Her soft weak voice said.

"Yeah." I replied looking down at her.

"I love you." She said looking straight into my eyes before she fell into a deep sleep.

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