College Year. *lrh*

Malia thought high school was bad. Wait till she steps foot in collage.

"What the fuck dude watch where you're going." I said as I straighten out my shirt.

"Well well well so this is how we're always gonna meet huh babe." I hear a familiar deep accent say.

"Luke.?" I asked shooked looking up at him.

"Hello sunshine. Welcome to collage." He smirks at me.

This should be interesting.

Sequel to *Senior Year*


2. Lets Play.

Malia's (P.O.V)

    I didn't even bother to go to class I just walked around the school trying to clear my head.

   "M.? Where were you.?" Tory asked as she walked up to me.

   "Guess what." I fake smiled.

   "What...." Tory trails off.

   "Luke's here." I say.

   "Yeah I figured." She sighed.

   "What'd you mean." I asked confused.

   "I mean I just saw Cal so I was guessing that Luke was here as well." She shrugs.

   "Truth T." I say crossing my arms.

   "That is the truth." She say before scratching her nose.

    "You're lie. T I'm not playing." I say annoyed.

    She sighs "Luke decided to come to this school cuz he knew you were coming and he's still trying to win the bet." She says quickly.

    "That it." I say before walking past her.

    "M. Wait." Tory yells but I didn't look back.


    Luke's (P.O.V)

"Nah you owe me." I smirk at Harry.

"Dude I really don't feel comfortable doing this." He says rubbing his forehead.

"Yeah well not my problem." I shrug before walking away.

I walk out the building seeing Calum with Tory. I roll me eyes at them and walked to the dorm rooms. I out my hands in my pockets pulling out a cigarette before lighting it up.

As I put it between my lips I see Malia leaning on the wall of the building. I smirk and walk over to her.

"Well I wasn't expecting this." I smirk.

"Save the flirting Hemmings." She says annoyed. I'm guessing she's made about something.

I just chuckle. "Alright then."

"Why are you here." She said pushing herself off the wall.

"Um my rooms in there." I smile.

"Don't act stupid. Why did you decide to come here instead of California." She says crossing her arms.

"Well for starters I'm starting to do wrestling. I'm finishing what I started freshman year. The bets, getting money." I shrug.

She scoffs shaking her head. "You're unbelievable."

I raise an eyebrow and smirk.

"This little bet you have getting me in bed is sick. And the fact you gave up Cali for wrestling is BS." She says pissed.

"Not everything is about you love." I tell her.

"Dude you're an open book. People can see what you're up to. T told me that you came here to win your money. Why can't you just leave me the fuck alone. I was happy to leave high school cuz I would be away from you. You ruined my high school year and you sure aren't ruining my collage year. You wanna play fine lets play. But you'll regret every moment of it." She says with anger in her eyes.

I smirk sucking on the cigarette before releasing the smoke out my mouth. She grabs it from my lips throwing it to the floor. I look at her before pinning her to the wall. "Don't ever do that and by the way. You talking like that just makes me wanna fuck you even more. Bet or no bet. Im getting you in bed." I say in her ear kissing the spot under it down to her neck.

I feel her hands weaken against my chest. I smirk rolling my tongue down her neck before sucking in her sweet spot.

"Stop." She yells pushing me off her.

"Don't act like you didn't enjoy it." I say getting closer to her.

"You're sick." She says rolling her eyes.

"I've been called worse." I shrug.

"You deserve worse." She says annoyed before walking off.

I laugh watching her leaving.

Malia's (P.O.V)

I groan rubbing my neck. I smirk as I feel my cold finger touch the warm spot he sucked.

This is gonna be interesting.

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