Little Black Dress

Diana Rose has just lost her father. After loosing her mother to cancer she is now living with her aunt who is absent almost everyday. Diana is just a wallflower, never been kissed, never been loved by a boy other than her dad. At his funeral she bumps into someone who she hates with a passion ever since the first grade. That was the day, that everything changed.
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9. ♡ Chapter 8 ♡


Chapter 8:

Confused and Abused


Diana's POV
Sunday was such a bore. I did homework, cleaned, more homework, walked around the house, and last but not least more homework. At least I was able to finish all my projects, early too. I'm work free next weekend. SCORE!

I walked to my closet and put on a simple outfit. Quickly I did my hair and make-up, I then headed downstairs to eat my breakfast. I still had some of the pastries from Saturday so I ate a few cream puffs with some tea. I then grabbed my lunch that I packed the night before and headed off.

I got to school and Lexi and Allison gave me bitchy looks. That was new. They usually never noticed me. Like ever. I'm a wallflower, I don't get noticed I just glide by.

I walked into class that I had with Lexi and Harry. English. I quite enjoy English so it's okay, the only thing I don't like is Mr.Barnes, he hates me. He seems to hate all the nerds, he was probably popular as a kid and relates to them more. Ugh.

"Alright class, go into your assigned groups and get to work." Mr.Barnes said before sitting down at his desk and playing a game on his laptop.

I walked over to Harry and Lexi and handed them both papers.

"Here, I finished the project and since it isn't due until one month, we have lots of time to rehearse and make it good." I said trying to be nice. Might as well since I'm working with these fuckers.

"Do you like even have a soical life? No, thought not. K, so like I call Julliet and Harry calls Romeo, so what's your little virgin ass going to do?" she asked in probably the bitchiest tone i've ever heard from her.

"Narrator." I replied dryly. Lexi quickly flipped through the scenes and looked up at me.

"K, why are you still here?" she asked

"We need to practice" I stated

"But you're just the narrator, Harry and  I are the true actors." she said rolling her eyes.

"Yeah but-" she cut me off. Bitch.

"Mr.Barnes, can our group go to the stage room to practice?" she asked smiling at him showing her cleavage. SLUT WHORE, calm down Diana, calm down....

"Sure." he replied smiling. Creep.

We all headed for the theater room when Lexi pulled me aside.

"Harrrrrr, can you wait for us in there?Me and Diana are gunna have a quick chat" she said smiling.

"Okay." Harry said. He had been quiet the whole time. Weird. When Harry was out of sight Lexi slapped me. Hard.

"What the fuck virgin girl?" she asked in a high pitched voice.

"I'm confused." I said calmly

"Harry is mine. I saw you talking to him in the bakery yesterday cunt!" she exclaimed

"I was picking up food actually Lexi. I have no interest in your fucked up boyfriend." I said dryly

"You better not. Now, go run along back to Mr.Barnes and work on props, while Harry and I rehearse the kiss scene." she said before pushing me aside and walking into the theater space.

Whore. I don't know why but her and Harry kissing really bothered me. Like a lot. A LOT. I don't know why it does, but it just does! Fuck, am I falling for the boy who ruined my life?

Lexi's POV
Ugh finally. That virgin girl better stay away from  MY Harry. I walk in and he's sitting on the stage.

"You don't need to be so harsh to her. After all, she did all of our work." he said with a blank face. I swear I could never read him, and he was my fucking boyfriend.

"What the fuck? Why you defending virgin girl?" I asked pushing my boobs together and sticking out my chest. He just looked away. WHAT THE FUCK!?!

"I think we've been a little too mean to her, don't you think?" he says still not looking at me.

"Harry, you don't... no I'm not even going to say it because I know you would never betray your friend group like this." I replied really pissed off. I walked straight up to him and turned his head and started kissing his lips.

"Lets fuck. Right here Harry." I whispered in his ear. He then pushed me away a little.

"Not today Lexi." he said before getting up and leaving me there speechless.

That. Bitch. Is. Dead.





I wasn't going to update but got bored doing math. So yeah yeah! Like? Please comment.They really mean a lot to me! Thanks Ya'all, now les questionesss!!!

What Will Lexi Do To Diana?

Why Didn't Harry Fuck Lexi? (Out of the ordinary don't cha think?)

Will Diana Accept Her Feelings For Harry? Or Deny Them?


Love You Guise xoxo

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