Little Black Dress

Diana Rose has just lost her father. After loosing her mother to cancer she is now living with her aunt who is absent almost everyday. Diana is just a wallflower, never been kissed, never been loved by a boy other than her dad. At his funeral she bumps into someone who she hates with a passion ever since the first grade. That was the day, that everything changed.
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5. ♡ Chapter 4 ♡


Chapter 4:

You're A Real Dick


Diana’s POV
I woke up the next morning feeling sick. I hated the fact that I didn’t get to wake up to my mom or dad’s voice. I got dressed and went downstairs. Aunt Claire had gone to New York for some business thing, SCORE! I went to my secret cupboard and pulled out some sugar. I know, this bitch is crazy, she doesn’t eat sugar or butter, just olive oil to cook things, she also doesn’t like milk because its too “fatty” so I have to drink almond or skim milk… my dad loved milk, especially chocolate. I made myself some oatmeal topped with sugar and berries before drinking my tea and heading out.

I had my own car, but it was shit. My parents said they would buy me a proper car for university, but well… you know. I’m still technically rich its just I need to wait until I graduate high school to retrieve all the money from the will. I tried to start the car but it died on me.

“REALLY!” I yelled, I was so done with this day and it had just started. I looked at the time and rolled my eyes. I was defiantly going to be late for school. So I hoped out of my car and let my legs carry me to the hell that is school.

I finally arrived at school and yup, I was late. I ran through the parking lot and saw Harry sucking face with some blonde bimbo, cheating on his girlfriend I see. Classic Harry Styles behaviour. The girls loved him because he was bad. He had tattoos, a lip piercing and always smelled like alcohol and smoke. I don’t get why girls liked him. He’s a dick. I ran to my locker and quickly got my things for first period, it had only started 15 minutes ago.

I walked into class and Mr. Barnes gave me the death stare.

“You two are late.” He said dryly. Two?

I turned around and Harry was standing behind me. Ugh.

“Yeah, I was at the principal’s office.” He said smiling

“Oh, then you are excused, take a seat Mr. Styles. Ms. Rose, where were you?” he asked

“I-I-I” I stuttered. I was so nervous because the whole class was staring at me.

“Go to the attendance office Ms. Rose” Mr. Barnes said rolling his eyes.

DICK! FUCK! Harry was busy “getting some” meanwhile my car breaks down and I have to get a late slip and he doesn’t. Mr. Barnes loves Harry. I don’t know why, but he does. Every teacher loves Harry. He’s always late, never does his homework, yet somehow he gets good grades. Lowest he’s ever gotten is a C. Which is good considering he never studies.

I went to the attendance office and got a late slip. The office lady gave me a bitchy look. Fuck her. Then I headed back to class. I stopped at the water fountain to get a drink when someone pushed me over.

“HEY!” I shouted. Harry. UGH! He finished drinking his water and looked at me.

“What?” he asked smirking.

“You’re such a dick. You’re a true scumbag Styles” I said bumping into him walking towards class.

“At least I’m not some loser virgin” he replied walking beside me

“Being a virgin is better than being a man whore.” I spat

“You really hate me don’t you.” He said laughing

“Why the fuck wouldn’t I? You make my life miserable, I actually think it’s kinda lame how you’re obsessed with me.” I replied

“Love, don’t get ahead of yourself, I only pick on you because you deserve it for being a loser, plus, I learned your name last night. Before that, you were just loser girl to me” he said before winking and walking into the class.

He learned my name yesterday? REALLY! WHAT THE FUCK! ASSHOLE! He ruins my life and doesn’t even know my name!?! The nerve of that kid.

I walked back into the class after Harry and handed the teacher a late slip. I was walking towards my desk when Lexi stuck out her foot making me fall.

“Oops” she said putting her hand to her mouth making a fake expression. I got up and kept walking while her clique of sluts laughed.

I took my normal seat at the back of the class and dozed off.


“AH!” I yelped. I looked up and Mr. Barnes had slammed an English textbook on my desk.

“Ms. Rose, is my class that boring to you?” he asked. Dick. Why did he hate me?

“No” I replied

“Hmm, well then maybe you can stay awake?” he asked. I just nodded

“RIGHT! Now that Ms. Rose is awake, let me put you guys in groups for the next assignment.” He stated.

The whole class moaned. He started naming pairs when it was only me, Lexi and Harry. UGH!
They were dating and both of them bullied me.

“Alright class, off to work.” He said clapping his hands.

I stood up and walked to where Lexi and Harry were sitting. They always sat at the front of the class together. All the popular kids sat at the front. They didn’t listen but they always were the first ones to run out of class when the bell rang.

“H-hi” I stuttered

“Ew. Okay, so here’s how its going to work. I’m going to paint my nails, go shopping and go to the hottest parties and you’re going to do the project.” She said giving me a fake smile.

“Kk? Good. Now go back to your seat.” She said rolling her eyes and turning back around.

“Bye virgin girl” Harry said putting his fingers in a v shape and wiggling his tongue. Gross.

I sat down and got to work. This project would be done in 2 days max if it was all three of us working on it, but because it was just me… I think it would take me about 5 days. Thank god It was due next week.


The bell rang and I practically ran out of the classroom. Next class was Music. Finally,
something I enjoy.

Harry’s POV
Music. I love that class, but if my friends knew then I would get my ass kicked. Luckily none of my friends were in that class. I walked in and took my usual spot. I looked around and spotted Diana… she’s in this class? Damn, I really am a dick…

I talked to Lexi and she kept apologizing I told her it was okay because I had cheated on her too, she slapped me then said we should "be friends". Whore. I may be a player and I do flirt a lot but I would never cheat. Ever. This morning I was so fucking horny so I found some random blonde and made out with her this morning. I grinded the shit out of her. She was speechless by the time I was through. I was taken out of my thought by Ms. Carry speaking.

“Alright class, today is going to be kind of a boring lesson. It’s going to be on musical theory” Ms. Carry said smiling.

Oh god. I suck at theory. Notes

Yeah yeah :) So I will try to update again tomorrow :) Anyways, off to the questions :):) Comment below answering them or telling me if you liked this chapter! Here's a picture of Lexi: 


Will Harry's Friends Find Out About Lexi Cheating On Him?

What Does Lexi Have In Store For Diana?

Love You Guise xoxo

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