Little Black Dress

Diana Rose has just lost her father. After loosing her mother to cancer she is now living with her aunt who is absent almost everyday. Diana is just a wallflower, never been kissed, never been loved by a boy other than her dad. At his funeral she bumps into someone who she hates with a passion ever since the first grade. That was the day, that everything changed.
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21. ♡ Chapter 20 ♡


Chapter 20:

Starting Over


Diana's POV
I woke up and felt kinda sick. I rubbed my eyes and looked around. I wasn't in my house. I got up and realized instantly that I was naked. I saw some girls clothes with a note on them.

Put these on and meet me downstairs - H

Harry's house? I put on the clothes and then walked downstairs. Yup. Harry's house. I walked into the kitchen and he was waiting for me with food.

"Morning." he said smiling.

"Hi." I replied. I was so confused with my feelings for Harry. He had always been my bully, but lately, he's been my hero.

"Waffles?" he asked lifting up a plate with freshly made waffles and berried.

"Thanks." I said sitting on one of the island seats.

"So do you remember anything from last night?" he asked.

"Yeah. I know we didn't have sex, or I think." I said staring at him

"Correct so far." he said nodding and motioning for me to continue.

"I also remember that I owe you a thank you for saving me from getting raped." I added looking at him dead in the eye.

"So thank you Harry."

"Anytime Diana. I'm not the same guy anymore you know. I'm not gunna bully you anymore, I won't do the stupid shit I did before, please believe me." he replied.

Wow, unexpected. But...he did bully me. For years. I put down my fork and looked right at Harry.

"Harry. You. Hurt. Me." I said with tears in my eyes.

"I know but-"

"I don't know if I can forgive you." I said before he could finish.

"Then let's forget. Please listen to me. Why don't we start over?" He asked

"Start over?" I questioned

"Let's pretend this is the first time we've ever met each other and start over. Let's let the past be the past and the future be what it will. Please, I'm a better man when I'm with you." he pleaded.

I don't know why, but I agreed with Harry. I wanted to start over, I wanted to forget about the constant pain, the constant memories of being bullied and hurt... and this...was the perfect way.

"Diana. Diana Rose." I said smirking and holding out my hand.

"Harry. Harry Styles." he said happily shaking it.

"It's nice to meet you Mr.Styles." I replied laughing a little.

"It's nice to meet you Ms.Rose." he said laughing too.

"Shall we finish these lovely waffles then go for a Starbucks trip?" I offered

"That sounds dandy." he said taking a bite of his waffles.

This could be the start of something new and for once...I was Happy. Really Happy.


Lexi's POV
I woke up and I had a painful feeling in my crotch area.

"What the fuck?" I mumbled getting up.

I looked beside me and I was in some sketchy apartment lying next to...ugh George. Wait did we fuck? Whatever, it's not the first time. I slowly got up and put on my clothes. Shit, my crotch really fucking hurt.

"It's rude to leave without saying good morning you know." George said slowly sitting up.

"Well I'm a busy girl." I replied

"You won't be anymore, or at least for a while." he said smirking.

"Sorry what?" I asked picking up my purse.

"Lemme guess, pain in your vagina?" he said laughing and putting on his clothes.

"W-w. What the fuck did you do to me?" I asked angrily.

"I fucked you. Here's the things though. I have Chlamydia, don't worry though, it's curable" he said laughing.

"YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" I yelled running towards him.

"Calm down princess, a few treatments and you will be fine." he said holding up a hand.

"Yeah, but I need my mom to take me and she will flip shit!" I yelled.

"Not my problem. Maybe next time you decide to go on a date with me, you could call me back the next day." he said before sitting at his desk.

"You can leave now." he added.

"FUCK YOU GEORGE!" I screamed before leaving and slamming his door shut. Fuck. I have Chlamydia.


Harry's POV
"Why are Peppermint Hot Chocolates your favorite?" I asked Diana as she sipped her drink.

"I don't know, it just reminds me of Christmas, and I love Christmas!" She replied smiling. God, I loved her smile.

"Okay I need to ask you something that I saw last night." when I said this she immediately put down her drink and instantly looked nervous.

"Yeah...?" she asked.

"I saw a tattoo on your shoulder. When did you get it?" I asked.

"About a few days ago. I just wanted one to remember my parents." she said smiling and rubbing her shoulder where I had seen the tattoo.

"I like it." I said smiling.

"Thanks, I miss them and this way they're always with me." she replied.

"Well now you have me. I'm not going anywhere." I said to her.

"And now you have me. I'm not going anywhere either." she said holding my hands.

I loved this girl so much. I was so Happy with her, and not the fake happy I was with Lexi.

I was actually Happy.






Here's the tattoo guise ;) 




What Do You Think Of Her Tattoo?

Did Lexi Deserve To Get Chlamydia?

Are You Happy That Diana And Harry Are Actually Getting Somewhere?

Love You Guise xoxo

ღ Elliana ღ

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