Little Black Dress

Diana Rose has just lost her father. After loosing her mother to cancer she is now living with her aunt who is absent almost everyday. Diana is just a wallflower, never been kissed, never been loved by a boy other than her dad. At his funeral she bumps into someone who she hates with a passion ever since the first grade. That was the day, that everything changed.
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13. ♡ Chapter 12 ♡


Chapter 12:

I Hate You, Don't Leave Me


Diana's POV

We got to Harry's and he immediately pushed me into the door angrily. I wasn't that drunk any more and was sobering up. I knew what Harry was doing to me and yet...I didn't tell him to stop. I didn't want him too. I hated this boy but I couldn't stop him, he gave me such an adrenaline rush.

"Where's your mom?" I asked as he walked towards me with lust and anger in his eyes.

"She's gone baby, its just  me and  you." he whispered in my ear.

He then took both my hands and pinned them above my head. "Harry why are you doing this?" I asked. I'm going to honest. I loved this. I loved having him dominate me and him being in control but I would never let him know that.

"You're mine tonight babe, and we're gonna have some fun. I also know you like it so stop acting like you don't" he growled into my ear in a deep husky voice. Oh god, he was so hot. Such an asshole at sometimes, but he's still soooooo hot.

Harry then crashed his lips into mine and started to move his hands all around my body. He got to my boobs and started to massage them. It felt so good. I really liked this. It's like I was in a euphoria and nothing else around us existed. I didn't care about being a virgin anymore, I would let Harry take it in a second. He's turning me on so much and were still in clothes, I can't even imagine what it would be like if we weren't in clothes.

"Once you get a taste of me, you will never go back" he mumbled again my lips

"You're not that special hun" I replied. He took that response by attacking my neck with kisses. He found my sweet spot and I let out a moan. I could feel his cheeky smirk against my skin.
I then felt his hand go up my thigh and over my area. He started to rub my core rapidly. I was trying not to moan but him rubbing my area, grinding against me and kissing me was too much. I couldn't stop myself from moaning and even saying his name a few times.

"Wanna take this-" Harry was cut off by his front door opening. He quickly detached himself from me and pulled my dress back down. He then quickly fixed his hair and I fixed mine. I heard some stumbling then keys falling to the floor before the light turned on and Anne was at the door.

"Hello Diana! Nice to see you!" she said walking over hugging me.

"You too Anne." I replied smiling. Awkward, my dress isn't exactly PG and I was about to fuck Harry. I don't think she knew about the second thing though.

"Mom I'm just going to drive Diana home. We got bored at the party and came back early to relax before I drop her off." Harry said smiling. Wow he actually sounded believable.

"Okay sounds good. I hope you had a good time Diana!" said Anne before giving me one last hug and a smile. That lady was one of the nicest people ever.

"Lets go." Harry said grabbing his keys. Oh shit.

We got in the car and he immediately started playing the radio. The song Holy Grail came on. I looked over at Harry and he looked deep in thought. That kind of made me nervous, If he was going to drive it should be with 100% concentration on the road.

"Don't worry I'm watching the road" he said breaking me out of my thoughts.

"O-o-okay" I was able to say.

The rest of the drive was awkward I mean AWKWARD. I wanted nothing more than to jump out of the car. We finally arrived at my place and I unfastened my seat belt. "Well tonight has been interesting. Thank You for dropping me off Harold." I said about to open the door when I heard a big click and all the locks went down. Fuck.


"Why did you kiss me back?" he asked

"I was drunk." I replied

"I know you were, but at my house you weren't" he said staring at me.

"I was still tipsy"

"Sure, that's why you were able to talk to my mom in a regular tone?" he asked

"Yes okay, drop it Harry, I would never like a douche bag piece of shit like you anyways!" I snapped. No wait. I didn't mean that. Fuck.

"Get out then" he said through gritted teeth.

"Harry I-"


"I-I don't feel good" I lied. I could see the anger quickly disappear and the worry sink in.

"Why? Whats wrong?" he asked

"M-maybe could you stay at mine? I think I need someone to be with me, in case I pass out or something." I said pretending to have a headache.

"Fine, let me tell my mom that." he said getting out his phone.

He called his mom and then parked in my driveway. I pretended to stumble when I got out, I mean hey I had to play the part right? He helped me walk to the door and then unlock it. We made our way to my room and I felt fine but I didn't want him to know that.

"It might be best if you just sleep in your underwear to help feeling less sick." he said looking away.

"What does that- never mind im not going to fight you." I said walking over to my dresser. I pulled out a t-shirt and then turned around at Harry.

"Can you..." I said motioning for him to turn around

"Y-yeah" he mumbled

I took off my dress then put on my t-shirt only in that and my underwear. When I turned back around Harry was staring at me in nothing but his boxers. Oh my, his abs, his beautiful toned abs, and those tattoo's. I knew he had a few but man, those are hot.

"HARRY?!" I yelled

"What?" he asked

"You saw me naked! And now you're naked!" I said crawling into bed.

"Yes If im sleeping here then I need to be comfortable too, and yeah you were naked and I wanted to see what you looked like. I'm a guy Diana for god sakes." he said crawling into bed next to me.

"W-what are you doing?" I asked

"You feel sick. So you need someone to watch you, therefore I'm sleeping next to you." he said as if us lying in bed but nothing but our underwear and my t-shirt wasn't a big deal.

"Fine." I said.

I turned on my side and I felt his arm snake around my waist. It felt good. So I didn't tell him to take it off. After a few minutes he inched closer to me and we were full on spooning. It felt so wrong to be doing this but... it felt so right with Harry by my side. I couldn't explain it.





yupp yupp, sorry it took me so long to update, but luckily my good friend Elliana did it for me while I've been busy all week.


Anyways, off to les questions.

Do You Think Anne Knew What They Were Really Up Too?

Does This Mean The Start Of Something For Diana and Harry?

What Will Lexi Have To Say? Will She Even Find Out?

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