Little Black Dress

Diana Rose has just lost her father. After loosing her mother to cancer she is now living with her aunt who is absent almost everyday. Diana is just a wallflower, never been kissed, never been loved by a boy other than her dad. At his funeral she bumps into someone who she hates with a passion ever since the first grade. That was the day, that everything changed.
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12. ♡ Chapter 11 ♡


Chapter 11:

You're Bad


Diana's POV
Okay. So it's 8pm. The party just started now. Yet I'm at home. Staring at my outfit that is lying on my bed. Shit I can't do this. No, I can't no way.

I ran over to my laptop and went on facebook. Ugh Lexi updated her profile picture.





FUCK!IT'S A HALLOWEEN PARTY! I FORGOT! FUCK FUCK FUCK! I'm not going anyway so I guess it doesn't matter. Wait she has 200 likes?!!?!? Why are guys so horny? I wonder who liked it. Don't know him, not that hot, whatever, I know- Harry? HE LIKED IT! Why am I so mad at this? It's not like he would ever like me anyways. But... I think I have an outfit that's better than hers. Should I go?

George: sexy babe
Harry: Hott Lexi ;)

Paul: yumm
Jessica: Baby, why u so pretty :) lets get wasted and maybe you can get back together with you know whoooooo ;)

Fuck it I`m going.

Harry's POV
I was waiting for Diana. I needed to apologize for showing up high and trying to seduce her. Well maybe not for trying to seduce her, but for showing up high and breaking our deal. I really did want to learn piano and get better at theory, and she's the only one that could help.

"Beer mate?" asked Niall

"Nawh man, I've had one already." I replied

"WHAAT? You never say no to a beer. C'mon, lets get wasted and fuck some chicks" he said nudging me

"Not tonight mate." I said patting him on the back and making my way over to the kitchen. It's Halloween and all the girls here are dressed up as sluts. It's really hard not to stare when everywhere I turn there are boobs popping out and asses just begging to be grabbed, but I have to refrain, I need to talk to Diana.

I opened the fridge and got out some water and pored it in my red cup. It looked like vodka so people would think I was drinking but I wasn't. I closed the fridge door and Lexi was there in the devil costume she posted online.

"Hey there sexy" she said walking towards me sticking out her chest. Typical Lexi.

"Hey." I replied remembering that I hadn't talked with Diana yet.

"Wanna go upstairs?" she asked biting her lip.

"Maybe later." I said keeping my options open.

"No, now." she whispered in my ear rubbing my groin area.

"Later." I replied

"Harr-" she started but I just walked away. I could fuck Lexi whenever, but now I needed to talk to Diana.

I walked into to Eleanor's living room where the real party was. Everyone was grinding and dancing. Perrie and Zayn were sucking each other's faces, while Liam and Sophia were practically having sex on the dance floor. Niall was with 4 girls letting them kiss him and grind on him. Lucky leprechaun.

I looked around again and saw Eleanor talking to some girl she was in a tight black dress. Eleanor waved and I made my way over. The girl was hot. Nice body and nice hair. Her ass also looked phenomenal. Damn. I would tap that in a second if I was drunk...maybe even sober.

"Hey Harry this is-" Eleanor started but my jaw dropped when I saw who it was

"Diana?" I asked in shock. She was dressed as a cat. Typical for other girls but not Diana.

"Whhhhhuuuuut??" she slurred. Was she drunk? Diana? Drunk? What the fuck!

"You two know each otherrrrrr!" Eleanor said putting her arms around both of us.

"Yeah." I mumbled to her

"GREAT! I GOTTA GO! YOU GUYS CATCH UP!" she yelled before running over to Louis and kissing him.

"What are you wearing Diana?" I asked grabbing her and pulling her into a corner.

"What? When I wanna dress hot I can't but when one of the popular girls want to they can?" she asked moving back and forth

"Yeah. I don't want guys to stare at you like this." I said. Shit. That came out too easily

"Why? Don't want me to find love and stay lonely forever? WELL FUCK YOU STYLES. IM GUNNA FUCK SOME LUCKY GUY TONIGHT AND THEN WERE GUNNA FALL IN LOVEEEEEEE!" she said spilling her drink on the floor.

"C'mon." I said grabbing her hand

"No." she said looking at me pouting.

"Diana. I'm not in the fucking mood. You're going home." I said grabbing her arm again. But she let go. That really angerd me.

"I'm not a good girl anymore Harry. YOU RUINED ME! You`re a bad boy." she yelled. I`m what?

"What?" I asked confused

"Yeah, you bullied me and made everyone hate me. Why?" she asked pushing me up against the wall.

"I`m not bad.``

"Whyyy?" she asked again, pushing me lightly again the wall getting closer to my face.


"WHY?!" she finally yelled. Coming face to face with me. I don't know what came over me, but I leaned in to kiss her. She leaned back making me look stupid. She's gonna pay for that one.

"Fine, you're not a good girl anymore? I ruined your life? Fine, then I won't treat you well. If I'm as bad as you say I should act like it eh?" I said grabbing her and dragging her to the dance floor forcefully.

"What are-" she started but I stopped her by turning her back towards me and grinding against her ass.

"Let's party tonight babe. Let's have some fun" I whispered in her ear.

I started to grind into her and Pour It Up came on. I`m going to show Diana how bad I can really be.

At first when I started to grind into her she was hesitant, but soon moved along to the rhythm.

"Good girl" I whispered into her ear

I took one of my hands and skilfully slid it down and under her dress and started to rub the center of her underwear making her moan.She threw her head back and I started to suck on her neck while rubbing her.

"You like that babe. Moan my name for me." I said while sucking her neck

"Harrr" she moaned

"My full name or I'll give it to you harder." I threatened. She stayed quiet so I continued.

I slid my finger inside her underwear then I inserted my finger inside her as well.

"HARRY!" She moaned over the music. I started to go faster and faster causing her to stop grinding and instead just lean back further into me, that made me insert two more fingers making her moan my name even more. But she had stopped grinding and I wanted her to pay for disobeying me and challenging me.

"Keep grinding or I stop." this time she did as she was told. I could tell she was close because I could feel her struggling to still grind on me while I was giving her the best pleasure she has ever felt.

"Im gunna" she started but I stopped her from talking

"Do it now babe." and she did as I told her. She released all over my finger.

I flipped her around and brought my hand to her face.

"Lick it." I ordered. She did as was told. She even added a few moans and started to swirl her tongue around my fingers. That really turned me on.

"Lets go." I said dragging her towards the door.

"Where are we going?" she asked clinging to me, clearly still hammered.

"Mine." I replied

Tonight was going to be fun.




Hey guys, this is one of Loren's bestfriends', Elliana. Loren couldn't update today cause she's at a concert with her boyfriend ;) so I had to take her place for a while and write but anyways :):):):):):) Hope you liked it!! PLEASE COMMENT AND LIKE :):):) Off to les questions :)

How Far Will Harry And Diana Go ?

How Will Lexi React If She Finds Out Harry Left With Diana After She Told Diana To Stay Away?

How Will Harry`s Friends React?

Love You Guise xoxo

ღ Elliana ღ




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