Little Black Dress

Diana Rose has just lost her father. After loosing her mother to cancer she is now living with her aunt who is absent almost everyday. Diana is just a wallflower, never been kissed, never been loved by a boy other than her dad. At his funeral she bumps into someone who she hates with a passion ever since the first grade. That was the day, that everything changed.
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11. ♡ Chapter 10 ♡


Chapter 10:

Get Yourself Together


Diana's POV
Once again Harry's late. It's 6:30 and he wants to learn piano but he still hasn't showed up.


FINALLY! I open the door angrily and Harry's at the door with a smirk on his face. His hair is messy and he smells like smoke. Its a weird smell. It's not a cigarette but....

"Mhmmm, you look fine!" he said taking my hand and twirling me around. Wtf. He's not drunk but he's being ridiculously honest. I looked down at my outfit. It was pretty amazayn but... he would never complement it if he want under some influence.

He continued walking in and plopped down on my couch.

"Uh, okay so wanna go over to the piano so we can start?" I asked. He stood up and walked towards me.

"No babe, not tonight." he said smirking. He then kept backing up until I hit the wall.

"H-h-h-haa" I started but he put his finger on my lips

"Shh, not now buttercup." he said softly. What's with the nicknames.

I took one more look at him and it hit me. I quickly took off his glasses to revel his blood shot eyes and dilated pupils. That would explain the smell too.

"You're high." I said dryly

"Maybe." he replied smiling

"Harry.Go.Now." I said through gritted teeth. I was pissed.

"Why, what's wrong. I'm not even that high?" he asked

"No, this is serous, I need math help and you're showing up late and fucking high you scum bag. You're such a fucking dick! Ugh! Get out now! YOU FUCKER!" I yelled at the end. I hadn't realized how upset I was, but then again, I had a bad temper.

"Fine. This "deal" we had is over." he said before opening my door and slamming it shut

"FINE!" I screamed as I opened the door

"GREAT!" he replied walking away giving me the finger. Asshole.

I ran up to my room and was feeling like shit. Dammit, just when I thought I might like Harry. Nope. Not a chance.


I looked at my phone and got a new text.

From Eleanor
Heyo! My house tmmr at 8pm - 2am. Be there :) You can also bring a plus one! Wear something KILLER! See ya there! xx

Oh right. The party. Shit. I immediately rampaged through my closet and couldn't find a party outfit. I wasn't exactly the party type of person. I had to go shopping. I needed to buy something hot.

I grabbed my car keys and wallet and headed out.

I was in Victoria's Secret shopping for lingerie to match my dress, not because I was going to have sex, just in case it rode up or something happened. I didn't want people to see my old momma lingerie. I was in dire need for new sexy lingerie. I'm eighteen for god sakes!

"YES!" I exclaimed to myself picking up the perfect bra.

I walked to the counter with my other thongs and black lace bra to pay. When I got there I almost had a heart attack when I saw who was also buying something. It was Lexi. I immediately retraced my steps and watched and listened from a distance.

"Harry's gonna loveee me in this." she said smirking to her hoe friend.

"I know right?" she said in a squeaky voice. Ew.

"He's gunna fuck me hard tomorrow I just know it. Then we will get back together and be lovers for life." she said paying the lady at the cash.

Of course. I find a mediocre bra, that might help me look sexy, while Lexi find a sexier bra. Classic.

When they left I bought the bra and headed for the the dress shop. I already had my dress but...I wanted a better one....better than Lexi's. Why am I doing this? Am I jealous?

I walked into the store and searched. Ugh, it felt like forever. Finally I went to the back of the store. It was about 9:30 and I had to get home soon. Then at the corner of my eye I saw it. The perfect dress.





So sorry about the temper that Diana has cx but yeah this was the two updates of today cause I love you guys so much and you make so happy that you're actually reading this cause I usually suck when it comes to writing


Will Diana Impress Harry?

Will Harry and Lexi Get Back Together?

Does Anyone Else Like Diana?

Love You Guise xoxo

ღ Loren ღ



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