Under The Aussie Roof


1. Chapter One

 Kylie's P.O.V

I sit beside my sister while she lays on her hospital bed. Stupid cancer always taking you love.

"Kylie go... I'll be fine." My sister tells me.

"I'm not leaving. You're dying!" I say.

"Go Kylie!" She yells and coughs.

"Fine." I say getting up. "Just stay alive please. Landon, Mom, and I can't lose you like dad."

I walk out of the and turn to walk when someone runs into me, sending me to the floor.

"Sorry." A very Australian sounding voice apologizes. 

"It's okay." I say, looking for my phone.

"I'm Ashton." He says,grabbing my phone. "Whoa. You like Dragon Ball Z?!"

"Yeah I do. What about it?" I ask, snatching my phone back.

"I've never met a girl who likes Dragon Ball Z." Ashton says.

"You have now." I say, turning to walk away.

"Wait! Can I at least know your name since I kinda ran you over." Ashton asks, shyly.

"It's Kylie." I answer.

"Kylie." He grins, dimples showing.

"I really should go.." I say, trailing off on the end.

"Well, I'll walk out with you." He says, following me to the elevator.

We get on the elevator together, not saying a word. The only noise that could be heard was Ashton drumming on the railing,

"Are you just gonna keep following me?" I ask, slightly annoyed at the mop headed boy.

"Just until I ask you out." He says slyly.

"Fine. Ask away." I say, standing with my arms crossed.

"Wanna go on a date. One date is all I ask." Ashton asks, almost begs.

"Sounds good. Pick me up at 8." I say, starting to walk away.

"Wait!" Ashton yells, causing me to stop. "I need your address."

"Put your number in." I say, handing the boy my phone.

He quickly types his name and phone number into my phone before handing it back, causing our hand to touch.

"Don't let this be a prank." He blushes.

"I'm not that mean." I laugh.

"I'll see you at 8." Ashton says, running off.

I stand there watching the weird boy who tripped me run off to his car and drive away. I stand there dumbstruck on why I agreed to go on a date with him.

When I get home I sit staring at my clothes, trying to decide what to wear on this date. Was it casual or formal? I had no idea.

After a hour of trying to decide I finally went with a grey shirt, a leather jacket, a red skirt, and my black wedges.

I stand staring at myself in the mirror, admiring how the outfit showed my curves when I hear my little brother, Landon, yell for me. "Kylie, a boy is here for you!"

"Be down in a second Landon!" I yell, hurrying downstairs.

"Hi Kylie." Ashton greets, standing in black skinny jeans, a white v-neck, and a blazer.

"Hi." I say fixing my jacket.

"Shall we go?" Ashton smiles, showing his dimples.

"Yeah." I nod, walking out the door.

Ashton leads me to his car and proceeds to open my door for me.

"Civility isn't dead I guess." I laugh.

"I try and keep it alive." He laughs as he closes my door.

Ashton runs to the other side of the car and quickly gets in.

He starts driving and I semi-recognized what was on the radio, but say nothing. Because I was so awkward.

"You do something with upper body don't you?" I question as I look at his mussels.

"I'm a drummer in a band." He grins.

"That's cool! What band?" I ask, now interested.

"5 Seconds of Summer." He smiles as he drums on the steering wheel.

"My sister likes you guys. I know like two songs." I admit.

"What songs?" Ashton asks, staring at my face.

"I think.. She Looks So Perfect and Short Way Home.." I answer unsurly.

"It's Long Way Home." Ashton giggles.

"Yeah that one!" I exclaim. "It has really good bass."

"That's my buddy Calum." Ashton smiles, parking.

"And the drums are really good."

"Why thank you." Ashton smiles, opening my door.

Ashton's P.O.V.

Everything is going well. I haven't made myself look like a idiot. And she knows the band, not that much, but some is better then nothing.

"Reservation for Irwin." I say to the women standing at the entrance.

"We're sorry sir, but we give away reserved tabled after 30 minutes of the reservation not showing up."  She says snotty like.

"But.." I stammered.

"What was the time sir?" The Lady asks.

"7." I answer.

"Sir. It's 8:20 now." She says, everything dawning on me.

"Oh..." I say awkwardly.

"Ashton it's okay we can go somewhere else." Kylie pipes in.

"But I wanted it to be nice." I respond. 

"It doesn't have to be perfect Ashton." She says, her voice calming me down.

"Fine." I say, leading her out.

"I know this pub on sixth street we can go to. I know the owner is any crazy fans show up." She laughs.

"Sounds good." I say driving.

We drive to the pub as Kylie talks about the music she likes. She said she liked a lot of classic rock and rock music, just like me.

"So where do you wanna sit?" Kylie asks while my eyes are drawn to a painting on the wall.

"Can we sit by that painting?" I ask, pointing at it.

"Yeah." She smiles, leading me over.

"Welcome. What can I get you to drink?" A waiter greets.

"Hey Tony! I'll have a water please." Kylie smiles.

"And for you sir?" He asks.

"Just water." I say, taking my attention back to the painting.

"You really like this painting don't you?" Kylie asks.

"Yeah." I say. "It's beautiful."

"I know who painted it." 

"Who?!" I ask.

"You're talking to her." She smiles.

"You made this?" I ask as the waiter walks back.

She nods and orders her 'regular'.

"And for you?" The waiter asks looking at me.

"I'll have the same thing." I say not thinking.

"You don't know what you ordered do you?" Kylie asks.

"No.." I admit.

"Well you ordered a burger with cheese, tomato, bacon, lettuce, ketchup and mayo. With onion rings." She says.

"So a good decision since you eat it." I try to flirt.

"I guess." She blushes.

We spend the rest of the night talking and eating. We get to learn more about each other and by the time we drive to her house I decide I'm gonna try and date her.

"Well I get this is goodbye." Kylie says when I pull up in front of her house.

"I guess so." I say.

"I had a lot of fun." She smiles.

"So did I. Hope I can see you again." I say.

"You will." She says, kissing my cheek and getting out, leaving me in my thoughts. 

At least I knew I was going to see her again.

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