The Heart Is Immortal (A ImmortalHD Fanfiction)

Natalie was planning on hanging out with good friend Kevin, better known as GoldenBlackHawk. But little Natalie know Kevin invited his friend Aleks, or ImmortalHD as well. After being forced by Kevin to hang out a love story will come.


2. The Mini-Golf Compation


Natalie's P.O.V

"Kevin can I ask you something?" I ask in looking at Kevin after a short period of time were the only sounds heard was the fan.

"Sure Nat, what's up?" Kevin asks looking at me.

"Why are you trying so hard to get me a boyfriend?" I ask looking at him.

"Because you're the reason me and Cady are together and you're different from before." Kevin says.

"No I'm not, I'm the same Natalie as I've always been." I say.

"No you're not Nat, you've gotten sadder, and meaner." Kevin says saying what I knew was true.

"So maybe I have changed..." I say, not wanting to admit it.

"And maybe having someone always there for you will help." Kevin says.

"I guess. But why him?" I ask still wanted a good answer for why it had to be Aleks.

"Because I feel Aleks is also kinda sadder and angrier then he usually is." Kevin says.

"Okay." I say thinking.

"NATALIE I GOT A OUTFIT YOU SHOULD LOOK AT!" Cady yells pulling me out of my thoughts.

"What you got?" I ask walking into my room to see Cady going threw my clothes.

"How does this look?" Cady says holding a coral tank top, denim vest, and light blue jeans.

"It looks cute." I say walking closer to get a better look.

"Good outfit is settled. Next is your hair." Cady says before pushing me into my bathroom to find out what to do with my hair.

The whole day was filled with getting ready, and constantly asking Kevin 'does this look good?'. When we finally finished it was 6:30.

"Kevin get your ass in here!" Cady yells sticking her head out the door.

"Looking good." Kevin says walking in the room.

"Thanks." I say texting Aleks.

Me: Hey, where are we meeting?

Aleks: How about we meet at the coffee shop from the other day?

Me: That works.

"Who you texting?" Kevin says standing behind me.

"Aleks to find out where we are meeting."

"Oh..." He says smiling.

"Yeah. Are you guys gonna leave or just stay here till I get back?" I ask looking at them.

"We're staying, I want to know what happens." Kevin answers without asking Cady what she wanted.

"Okay, I guess we're staying." Cady says glaring at Kevin.

"Please don't kill anything, I want to live here a while." I say walking to my shoes.

Aleks' P.O.V.

"Why am I stressing so much? It's just mini-golf." I say to myself as I fix my hair.

"Aleks what are you going on about?" James says standing behind me.

"Nothing. " I lie.

"Is little Aleksandr nervous about a date." James says.

"Number one it's not a date and number two no I'm not nervous." I say.

"Sure..." He says leaving me alone.

I put my beanie on before getting a text.

Natalie: Hey, where are we meeting?

Me: How about we meet at the coffee shop from the other day?

Natalie: That works.

I take one more look in the mirror before walking out.

The whole drive to the small coffee shop I think of what to say.

Right when I pull into the parking lot I see Natalie walking to shop.

"Hey." I say getting out of my car to great her.

"Hi." She says holding her head low.

"Damn she looks so pretty." Is all my brain has to say.

"Should we get going?" I ask.

"Yeah. " She smiles as we walk back to my car.

"Your outfit looks nice." I say.

"Thanks, Cady helped me choose it." She laughs looking at her outfit.

"You should know now, Kevin demands we take a picture together so he knows we aren't faking it." She says.

"He really thinks we could fake him out?" I laugh.

"Yeah he does. He's not the smartest." She laughs.

"I guess that's right." I say.

"I really like your shirt." Natalie says looking at me.

"Thanks." I smile.

"I should warn you, I'm awesome at mini-golf." Natalie says.

"Well so am I, shall we make this a comapation?" I ask.

"Why not. What does winner get?" Natalie says .

"Loser pays for ice cream?" I say.

"Deal, get ready to lose." Natalie says, obviously sure she was going to win.

"Sure." I say, rolling my eyes.

"Hole in one! Take that!" Natalie says after getting a hole in one in the fifth hole.

"Very good your first hole in one!" I say clapping for her.

"Shut it!" She says hitting me in the arm.

"Didn't Kevin say he wanted a picture showing us hanging out?" I ask reminding Natalie of what she told me earlier.

"Oh yeah, he did. Weren't we gonna take that earlier?" She laughs.

"We were before we started playing and laughing." I say hitting the ball, only missing getting a hole in one by a inch.

"Hahah, you missed!" Natalie laughs grabbing her phone.

"Shut up!" I say.

We take a photo and I shoot as Natalie sends the photo to Kevin.

By the ene of the night Natalie had won.

"Told ya I was awesome!" She says doing a victory dance.

"I let you win!" I say, trying to defend myself.

"Sure. Looks like your paying for ice cream." Natalie says glaring at me.

"Whatever."I say walking away.

"Get your ass back here!" Natalie yells running after me. "Is someone mad that they lost to a girl?"

"No." I say.

"Fine." Natalie says before we walk back to my car.

"You know I've haven't had this much fun in forever." Natalie says after we get ice cream.

"Really?" I ask looking at her.

"Yeah none of my friends let me do crazy shit like we did tonight." She says.

"Boring friends you got there." I say.

"Yeah." She answers before a older couple walks over to us.

"You two make such a cute couple, how long have you been dating?"Is all the older lady has to say to us, causing me and Natalie to look at eachother wide-eyed.

"Um.. We aren't dating." I say looking down at the floor.

"You aren't, well you should be. You two would be so cute." The woman says.

"I'll be right back." Natalie whispers to me getting up and walking away.

"You better make a move soon, girls like your friend go quick." The older gentlemen says.

"Thanks for the advice." I say as they walk away.

"Damn that was awkward."

Natalie's P.O.V.

I walk to the restroom to calm down.

Me: Kevin a old lady said me and Aleks make a cute couple.

Kevin: Really, well good to know I'm not the only one.

Me: Kevin shut it.

Kevin: What. You guys would make a cute couple.

Me: Fine Kevin.

I walk back out to see Aleks sitting there.

"Hey." I say sitting back down.

"That was the most awkward thing ever." Aleks says.

"It was." I answer finishing my ice cream.

"Where do you live?" Aleks asks after we get back to his car.

"You can just drop me off at the coffee shop." I say.

"And let you walk home at 10:30 in the dark. No." Aleks says.

"Aleks I would be fine." I assure him.

"Not going to take that chance." He says before I give in and tell him my address.

"Thanks for the fun night. We should do this again." I say after we get to my apartment building.

"You're welcome, and it was alot of fun." Aleks says as I get out of his car.

"Talk to you tomorrow?" I ask.

"Sure." He says before I walk to my apartment.

"I'm back!" I say walking into my apartment.

"How did it go?!" Both Cady and Kevin say walking over to me.

"Damn. It went well, had lots of fun." I say sitting down.

"I want full details." Kevin says.

"Fine."I say before recapping the whole night to them.

Aleks' P.O.V.

I walk back into mine and James' house to be greeted by James.

"Look who came back!" He jokes.

"Haha." I say walking up the stairs with him following.

"So what happened?" James asks before I start explaining what happened.

"Then this old couple came up to us and told us we made a cute couple." I say finishing my expiation.

"Really?" James asks.

"Yep, now can you leave me alone?" I ask walking into my room.

"I guess, Night." James says walking away.

Most of the night I thought of Natalie.

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