The Heart Is Immortal (A ImmortalHD Fanfiction)

Natalie was planning on hanging out with good friend Kevin, better known as GoldenBlackHawk. But little Natalie know Kevin invited his friend Aleks, or ImmortalHD as well. After being forced by Kevin to hang out a love story will come.


3. The Great Pizza Fist Fight

Natalie's P.O.V.

I wake up and remeber the night before, smiling to myself.

"Hey Nat." Cady says casualy walking into my room.

"Hey Cady.... How did you guys get in?" I ask as Cady looks around my room.

"Kevin grabbed a key before we left last night." She answers sitting at my desk.

"That freaking creep!" I say grabbing a pair of sweats to put on over my short pajama pants.

"Morning!" Kevin says as I walk downstairs.

"Morning. Why the hell did you take one of my keys!?" I ask, getting straight to the point.

"Wanted to be able to see my friend whenever I wanted while I was in town." He answers smiling at me.

"Give it back. Now!" I say holding my hand out.

"Fine." He says grabbing the key from his pocket. "Hey is that pizza place you work at open today?"

"Yeah it is. Why?" I ask grabbing a water bottle from my fridge.

"Me, Cady, and Aleks wanted to have pizza today and why not bug our friend as she works." He says.

"Such a amazing friend you are." I say walking back to the stairs.

"So about the address?" Kevin asks again.

"I'll tell Cady." I yell walking back into my roon.

"Cady I'm gonna tell you the address to the pizza place, please don't forget it. And after I tell you, you and Kevin leave me alone till later." I say sitting on my bed.

"Got it!" Cady says, standing up from my chair.

The following three minutes consists of me telling Cady where it was and places close by they would be able to find.

"I told you where it was now leave!" I say as Cady walks back to Kevin.

"Fine, See you later Nat." Kevin and Cady say walking out, leaving me to get ready for the long day ahead of me


I walk into the small pizza place to be greeted by my friend, Maria.


"Hey Maria!" I say walking into the back to set my bag down.

"So what's been going on with you?" Maria asks as I start to smile.

"Well Mari I did go out last night." I say before she interupes.

"You mean with a guy right?" She asks.

"Yes with a guy." I say putting my hair up in a ponytail.

"I want to know everything!" Maria says jumping up and down with excitement for me.

"I'll tell you later." I say grabbing a pen.

"So you tell me that, now you say I have to wait to hear the story." Maria says sitting down.

"Fine I'll tell you till we have to open up." I say sitting down.

"Yes!" Maria says sitting down beside me.

"Then I beat him in mini golf. And he had to pay for ice cream and it was just so amazing!" I say as I finish my story right before we have to open up.

"Awww.. Nat got herself a keeper." Mari says nudging my elbow.

"We aren't dating yet." I say rolling my eyes.

"The old people sure think so." Mari jokes.

"Just shut up and open the doors."

"Got it boss lady." Maria says revering to me as my title stated. 'Executive Manger'

"Really boss lady," I say as she walks back to the small back area.

"That's what you are." Mari says.

"Whatever, just get ready." I say.

After about 20 minutes of us being open people start to come in.

"Hey three people just walked in." Maria says pointing at Cady, Kevin, and Aleks who had just walked in.

"I get whatever table they sit at." I say grabbing my notepad.

"Why?" Maria asks as I fix my hair.

"Cause they're my friends, and the one with the tattoo sleeve is the guy." I say.

"You mean the date guy?" Mari asks before I interrupt. "Yes date guy!"

"Well go." Maria says pushing me out of the small door.

"Hello, I'm Natalie I'll be your waitress." I say doing the normal intro.

"Hi Natalie." Aleks says.

"Hi Aleks." I smile back at him.

"What do you guys want to drink?" I ask doing a flip with my pen after grabbing it.

"Diet Coke." Cady says.

"Coke." Kevin says.

I write something and show it to Aleks and he just nods before I walk back.

"What was that about?" Maria asks as I grab one of my Pepsi Max's I kept.

"Getting a Pepsi Max for Aleks." I say pouring in can into a glass.

"Wow.. So I can't have one but he can." Mari says.

"You can have one." I say, filling a glass with Coke.

"One Coke, one Diet Coke, and one mystery." I say setting the glass on the table.

"Mystery? Aleks what did you get?" Kevin asks looking at burnette to his right.

"A drink." Aleks says taking a sip of his soda.

"So what kind of pizza you want." I ask grabbing my notepad again.

"Whatever pizza was at your house is what me and Cady want." Kevin laughs as I write it down.

"Cheese, just cheese." Aleks says looking at me.

"Got it, should be out soon."I saying to hand the ticket off.

"Small family just walked in." Maria says as a small family of a male, female, and small girl walk in.

"Got it." I say turning around.

After getting their order of drinks as I'm walking back I'm stopped by a man.

"You know miss you are very pretty. And the things I would do to you." The man says.

"Okay..." I say trying to pull away but fails as his grip gets tighter.

"I'm not done talking sweetcheeks." He says before I interrupt. "I'm not your sweetcheeks."

"Yes you are now shut it. I would do so many things to your body you wouldn't be able to count." The man says.

Aleks' P.O.V.

I sit talking to Kevin and Cady before I hear the sound of Natalie's voice from across the restaurant. "I'm not your sweetcheeks."

"Is that Nat?" Cady says turning around to see what was going on.

"It is." Kevin says.

"And she can't get away from him because he's holding her wrist." I say standing up.

"Aleks what are you doing?" Cady asks.

"Going to help Natalie." I say walking over to her.

"What do you want pretty boy?" The man says after he notices me.

"I came to tell you to stop hurting this poor female. " I say moving his hand from Natalie's wrist.

"Thank you so much." Natalie whispers before running to the back.

"Really. You think that was a smart move?" The man says standing up.

"Yes it was. I was not going to let my friend be hurt by a man like you." I say.

"Really your friends with the snotty bitch." The man says sending me over the edge.

"She's not that!" I say not wanting to cuss with a young child around.

"Whatever, if she's not one why didn't she accept my offer?" He says,

"Because she has standards and has common sense to not go with a guy like you." I say.

"Wow. And let me guess you're her standards. Wow such low standards." The man says.

"Really if I'm low standards then what are you?" I ask before the man punches me unexpectedly.

The punch soon started a full blown fist fight. With Kevin screaming "Keep going Aleks." And Cady saying "I don't know them." The was well I won.

Natalie's P.O.V.

I walk back into the kitchen to calm myself down.

"Nat you okay?" Maria asks.

"No not really, a creppy guy just told me all the things he would do to me," I say before I hear a loud thud coming from the dinning area.

"What the hell?!" I say walking back out to see the guy on the floor and Aleks standing there.

"Don't ever talk about a lady like that ever again." Aleks says turning to face me. "Oh hi."

"Hi, what just happened?" I ask.

"Aleks beat this guy up because of what he did to you." Kevin explains.

"Really? Aleks can you wait outside." I say running back to tell Maria what I was doing.

"Aleks did you really beat that guy up for me?" I ask as soon as I walk outside.

"Yeah, I saw what he was doing. You didn't deserve to be treated like that." Aleks answers as I hug him.

"Thank you." I say hugging him.

"Your welcome Nat, now you should get to work." Aleks says.

The rest of the day is full of normalness, but I constantly thought of what Aleks did.

Aleks' P.O.V.

I walk back into the office after me and Kevin give our goodbyes.

"Look who came back." James joked.

"Yeah." I say before James looks closely at my face.

"Why do you have so many bruises?" James asks.

"Igotinafightatapizzaplace." I say quickly.

"In english Aleks." James jokes.

"I got in a fight at a pizza place." I say slowly this time.

"Why?" James asks sitting on the couch.

I soon start to retell the story.

"You did all that because that guy did that to Natalie?"! James asks.

"Yeah." I say.

"You might not be saying it but you like her." James says.

"Yeah as a friend." I say.

"Aleks got a crush, Aleks got a crush!" James starts singing before I shush him.

"No I don't." I say.

"Whatever you say." James says as I walk back to my office.

Natalie: Hey I wanted to talk more about earlier.

Me: Really?

Natalie: Yeah how does coffee at 7 sound. I know weird time for coffee.

Me: No its a awesome time for coffee. Coffee place from before?

Natalie: Yep. See you later.

I smile to myself. Maybe James was right maybe I do like Natalie.

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