The Heart Is Immortal (A ImmortalHD Fanfiction)

Natalie was planning on hanging out with good friend Kevin, better known as GoldenBlackHawk. But little Natalie know Kevin invited his friend Aleks, or ImmortalHD as well. After being forced by Kevin to hang out a love story will come.


4. Meeting Some Random People

Natalie's P.O.V.

I walk into the small coffee shop to see a brushed Aleks sitting looking around.

"Hi. Sorry I'm late had a problem at the pizza place." I say sitting across from him.

"It's fine." Aleks says handing me a coffee.

"How do you know what kind I drink?" I ask taking a sip.

"Kevin told me." Aleks answers looking at his hands.

"Whats up with your hands?" I ask looking at him.

"Just hit them weird earlier." Aleks waves off.

"Okay..." I say looking at his face clearly.

"What?" He says noticing.

"The bruises. Still in shock that you did that for me." I say looking down.

"I wasn't gonna let that creep talk to you like that." Aleks says.

"I get that, but I wouldn't expect you to get yourself hurt." I say looking at his brown eyes.

"What are you looking at?" Aleks laughs.

"Nothing." I lie causing Aleks to smile.

"Were you staring at my eyes?" Aleks asks causing me to look down.

"Maybe..." I say in a small voice.

"It's okay of you were."Aleks says causing me to look up and smile.

"You have pretty eyes.." I say, covering my mouth after realizing what I had say.

"Thanks. So do you." Aleks says, blushing.

"Thanks.." I say, looking down.

"I should be heading out. You know maybe on Monday you should stop by the office I work at." Aleks says standing up.

"Yeah, that sounds fun. I will." I smile.

"I'll text you where it is okay? Bye." Aleks says running off.

I sit there for a few minutes after he runs off, thinking about him.

*The next day after Natalie gets off of work*

"Nat we should go shopping." Maria offers after we both walk out of the pizza place.

"Random, but okay." I say walking to Maria's car.

"Yes!" She says running to her car.

"Why are you so happy?" I say, running after her.

"Because I'm gonna help you get a better wardrobe for Aleks to see you in." She laughs.

"Really?" I say, giving her a glare.

"Yeah, now get in Loser we're going shopping." Maria says, rolling down her car window.

"Never quote Mean Girls around me ever again." I laugh getting in the car.

"This would look perfect on you." Maria says holding up a grey sweater with a black heart on it.

"It would." I say, taking it out of Maria's hands to get a better look.

"You know what that means." She says pushing me over to the changing room.

"Seamus hurry the hell up!"I hear a male voice yell as I enter the changing section.

"I'm trying! It's hard to put a fucking dress on!" A voice, who I guess was 'Seamus' yelled back.

"Can't be that hard!" The first voice yells back.

"Excuse me."I say walking past the screaming man.

"James how does this dress fit me?" The 'Seamus' person says walking out of the dressing room with a pink dress on.

"Fits well, I guess." The man, who I guess was 'James' responded.

"Pink isn't your color." I say looking at the two males looking at the dress.

"Shit.... James you could have told me there was someone else in here!" The male in the dress yells at his friend, causing them to fight.

"Guys... can you stop fighting, just think if someone walked in cause of the fighting." I say causing them both to stop the bickering.

"Right. We should introduce ourselves, considering the fact you've seen one of us in a dress." They say at the same time.

"I'm Seamus, and this is James." The one in the dress says, pointing at him and his friend.

"I'm Natalie." I say.

"Nice to meet you. Now back to the dress, what color do you think goes with Seamus over here?" James says.

"Hm.... Maybe a light blue." I say walking into my own changing room.

"Really blue?" Seamus says.

"Yeah blue." I say, trying on the sweater.

I walk out of the changing room to get a better look at the sweater on me, but see both Seamus and James staring at me.

"What?" I ask, thinking I looked bad in the sweater.

"That sweater looks really good on you." James says.

"Aw, thanks." I say, walking to the mirror to see for myself.

"You're welcome, " James smiles.

I stare at myself in my mirror, thinking about everything that had happened with Aleks as of late.

"James text a picture to Aleks, see if he likes it." Seamus says, drawing me out of my thoughts.

"Did you say Aleks?" I ask, making sure I wasn't filling a name with his.

"Yeah, we did." James says, taking a picture of his friend posing in the dress.

I look over James' shoulder to see how Aleks was spelt. Seeing it was spelt the same way as I thought I say. "You guys work with Aleks?"

"You know Aleks?" Seamus says before James interrupts. "Describe your Aleks."

"Brown eyed, brown hair, kinda tall and pale. Is a YouTuber." I describe Aleks, causing me to think about him.

"Yep same Aleks. How do you know him?" James confirms.

"We met though a friend." I say.

"So we finally meet the girl he never shuts up about. " Seamus says before doing a impression of Aleks. "Natalie is so pretty, Natalie is so funny, Natalie has such a nice perfume."

"Okay, that last one is creppy as all hell. But aw he talks about me?" I say, shocked Aleks would talk about me.

"It is creppy." James says.

Natalie's P.O.V, The Next Day

I stand out the office space that was Aleks'. The sign said "The Creatures LLC" so it was right.

I breath before knocking on the door. I hear yelling from inside before a angry looking Aleks opens the door.

"Who the fuck is... oh Hi Natalie!" He says after relizing it was me.

"Hi.." I say, fixing my sweater which was messed up from the door opening.

"Enter!" Aleks saying, moving from the door.

I walk inside, hearing yelling coimg from a hallway. "Jordan what the fuck?!"

"Sorry about that. " He apologizes "James shut up! I have a guest"

"Fuck you Aleks!" James says walking into the room. "Oh hey Natalie."

"Hi James." I wave as James smirks at Aleks.

"How do you guys know eachother?" Aleks asks, confused.

"We met yesterday when i was shopping." I was before James interrupts.

"Well Aleksandr it's a funny story she was trying in a sweater and it got caught on her bracelet so i had to help her." He says before whispering in his ear. "Might have saw bra."

"You what?" Aleks says, looking at James.

"Yep!" James says, making Aleks push past me.

"Aleks!" I say, following him.

Aleks walks into what I guesss was his office, slamming the door.

"Aleks, please." I say, knocking on the door.

"Go away!" He says.

"What's going on?" A man in a red Cardinals hat says.

"James told Aleks something and Aleks got mad and isn't opening the door. " I explain.

"Ohh." The man says. I can handle this."

The man walks to his door and knocks.

"Aleks, open the door." He says sternly.

Aleks open the door, only enough to see Jordan and I.

"What do you want?" He says, only looking at Jordan.

"You have to talk to Natalie." He says.

"Fine" He says, turning his attention to me.

He shuffles and opens the door fully for me.

"Aleks, James was lying." I say, shutting the door.

"Wait, what?" He says, sitting back down in his chair.

"He was lying. We met because him and Seamus were trying on a dress." I explain.

Aleks just starts laughing.

"So he lied because the truth was super weird." He smiles.

"Yeah." I say, sitting on the floor.

"Do you want a chair?" Aleks asks, standing from his chair.

"No, I'm fine." I smile.

"You sure?" He asks.

"Yeah, I like floors more." I say, laying down as I hear a chuckle come from Aleks.

"Enjoying my floor?" He says as I roll.

"Yeah." I say, rolling into his chair.

He just laughs, causing me to smile.

"Can I ask you something?" Aleks asks as I lay, my blue-green hair spwalled over the floor.

"Sure." I say.

"Why the blue-green? I've wanted to know since I first say you." He expains.

"Well.." I say, trying to find the words. "I really liked the color and it was on sale one day so I went for it. I think it looks pretty good for it being in for 2 month."

"Oh. Well it is a nice color, goes well with your complection." He says, making me giggle.

"Thanks Aleks." I smile.

"You're welcome." He blushes.

Aleks' P.O.V

"Aleks we need to do Creature Game Night." Dan says, opening my door.

"Dan, can we do it later? I have a guest." I say, motioning to the Natalie on the ground.

"No we can't, we're already set up." Dan says.

"Natalie you can stay in here if you want." I say getting up.

"Okay." She says, getting up and sitting in my chair.

After finishing filming. Still Aleks' P.O.V

I walk back into my office to see Natalie playing World Of Warcraft on my computer.

"What the fuck? How did we get a noob?!" Natalie yells at the screen.

I laugh, causing Natalie to jump.

"What the hell?!" Natalie asks.

"It's my office so I kinda belong in here. What were you doing?" I saying, poi ting at her.

"Playing WOW." She says.

"Oh really?" I ask.

"Yeah." She answers, hair falling in her.

The rest of the day is full of us messing around on WoW calling out noobs and doing raids. But threw it all I fell in love with her.

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