The Heart Is Immortal (A ImmortalHD Fanfiction)

Natalie was planning on hanging out with good friend Kevin, better known as GoldenBlackHawk. But little Natalie know Kevin invited his friend Aleks, or ImmortalHD as well. After being forced by Kevin to hang out a love story will come.


1. Chapter 1


Natalie's P.O.V

I groaned, attempting to stuff all of my things in my bag before hurrying out of my apartment.

The reason why I was in such a hurry is that my good friend Kevin, or as some would call him GoldenBlackHawk or TomAnex decided not to tell me he was visiting my hometown to see some friends in till he actually was in the state of Colorado and a few blocks down from me.

I walk into the small coffee shop Kevin told me to meet him at. I soon deside I should get a coffee, considering the fact that Kevin was late.

I soon walk into the line but soon feel someone fall into me, pushing me to the floor.

"What the hell was that for?!" I say looking at who had push me.

"Oh shit I didn't mean to do that." The guy says putting a hand threw his hair.

"It's okay." I say grabbing what had fallen out of my bag.

After I picked my bag up I ordered a iced coffee.

I soon deside to text Kevin asking where he was, but noticed the phone I had wasn't mine.

"I think we switched phones." The same boy from earlier said sitting in the seat across from me.

"Yep seems that way, unless you like a white phone case with little jewels." I say laughing.

"Not really my style." He said placing my phone on the table as I slide his across the table.

"So what brings you to this coffee shop?" He asks.

"Waiting on a friend who is in town. Who also decided to not tell me he was coming to town, till he was here and wanting me to come here." I explain.

"Well I'm doing the same, minus my friend told me he coming to town." He smiles.

"I noticed neither one of us has said our names." I laugh. "I'm Natalie."

"I'm Aleks." He says.

"Nice to meet you Aleks." I smile.

"Same for you Natalie." Aleks says.

A little while later Kevin walked into the shop, causing both me and Aleks to walk to the door.

"Hey Kevin." Me and Aleks say at the same time. "Wait! You're friends with Kevin."

"You guys met?" Kevin's girlfriend, Cady said.

"Yeah. He ran into me." I say glaring at Aleks.

"Well now I don't need the awkward introductions." Kevin laughs.

"Yeah.." I say.

Kevin and Aleks soon start talking about YouTube stuff. "I see how it is Kevin. Don't do any video with your best friend." I say coming into the conversation.

"This shows what friend he likes better." Aleks says in a 'full of himself' way.

"Oh really. At least I'm not a asshole who's full of himself." I say back.

"Both of you stop it!" Kevin says before Aleks can respond. "I know you both started off on the wrong foot and you both were expecting to hang out with me alone, but it is no reason to hate eachother before getting to know eachother."

"He started it." I say in a small voice.

"Sorry." Aleks says lowly.

"Sorry." I say back in a small voice.

"Okay. Now lets try to get along." Kevin says putting a arm around Cady.

"I have a question. Why the hell did you tell us both to meet you here at the same time?" Aleks asks before I could ask.

"I thought you too should get to know eachother, cause you both like alot of the same things. Maybe it would have gone better if it didn't start how it did." Kevin answers.

"Okay." Aleks says.

"Like what the hell do we have in common?" I ask.

"Well...." Kevin says thinking. "You both like Transformers, and you both play bass."

"So we have two things in common." I say.

"That's why you guys should get to know eachother." Kevin says.

"If we hang out without you being in the same room as us will you shut up about us needed to be friends?" Aleks asks.

"Yes I will." Kevin says.

"Okay. I guess the only way to plan this is to give you my phone number. " I say taking a notepad and pen out of my bag, writing my phone number down.

"You guys are going to thank me later on in life." Kevin says.

"Sure." I say rolling my eyes.

"Well I have to go." Aleks says standing up. "Nice meeting you Natalie, and good to see you Kevin and Cady."

"Bye." The three of us say to him.

"If this ends bad I'm blaming you." I say to Kevin.

"It's not going to. Aleks is really cool when you get to know him." Kevin says.

"Fine, I'm leaving to. Good to see you guys." I say walking to the door.

I soon walk back into my apartment and hear my phone go off.

Unknown: "Hey its Aleks thought we should plan when we're gonna hang out."

Me: "Okay. Well I'm free everyday but Saturday and Sunday."

Aleks: "How does 7 on Friday sound?"

Me: "Sounds good. What are we planning on doing so I know how to dress?"

Aleks: "How does mini golf sound?"

Me: "Okay. Sounds like a plan."

Aleks: "See you Friday."

Aleks' P.O.V

I walk back into the office to a round of hi's.

"Where were you at?" James asks.

"Hanging out with Kevin." I answer texting Natalie.

"Sure." James says.

"I was. And I met someone, only cause of Kevin." I say looking away from my phone.

"Is this someone a female?" Jordan says joining into the conversation.

"Yes she is a female. But she hates me."

"Wow it took her about a hour to hate you. That's a record." James says.

"Ha ha very funny. I plan on making her not hate me on Friday." I say.

"If she hates you, why are you guys going out on Friday?" Jordan asks.

"Kevin is forcing us." I answer.

"Why does she hate you? " Jordan asks.

"I might have ran into her and said something..." I say getting quiet at the end.

"Wow. Only you could do something like that to make a girl hate you." James laughs.

"Shut it." I say punching James in the arm.

"What its true." He says.

Friday, Natalie's P.O.V.

Aleks: Hey just want to remind you we're going mini-golfing tonight.

I wake up to my phone blaring my ringtone at me.

"Oh shit!" I say after reading that over. "That was today!"

Me: Thanks for reminding me, I might have forgotten.....

After sending that text I get a text from Cady.

Cady: Hey, you busy today?

Me: Yeah kinda. Me and Aleks are going to hang out tonight to shut Kevin up. :P

Cady: Fun... I need photo proof it happened! ~Kevin.

Me: I see Kevin has took your phone Cady, and fine Kevin I will take a picture!

Cady: Yeah he has, and how does me and Kevin getting you a coffee and us just hanging out there before you go out later sound?

Me: Sounds fun. But you must help me find something to wear.

Cady: Got it! Be there soon! :P

It didn't take them to long to get my apartment but when they did they had to make a entrance.

"WE ARE HERE NAT!" They scream walking in.

"You know I'm the only person in this place and you didn't have to announce you guys being here I knew." I say taking the coffee from Kevin's hand.

"Someone is a bad mood." Kevin says pinching my cheeks.

"I'm not afraid to punch you Kevin." I say glaring at him.

"What's wrong with you?" Cady asks, pulling Kevin away from me.

"I'm stressing about later." I say taking a sip of the warm coffee before making a disgusted face. "Kevin what coffee did you get me, this taste like shit!"

"Wroops, gave you the wrong coffee." He laughs switching my coffee with one still in his hand.

"Kevin, how the hell do you drink that shit. It taste like shit in coffee form." I say taking a sip of the coffee that was really mine.

"Different people have different taste young Natalie." He says sounding like a 80 year old man.

"Young? Kevin I'm older then you." I say glaring at him.

"So." He says sitting down beside Cady.

"Why are you stressing about later?" Cady asks putting her head on Kevin's shoulder.

"Because I want to make things right after the other day." I say sitting on the floor.

"So you want to get to know him. I KNEW IT!" Kevin says before getting up doing a victory dance.

"Kevin shut it!" I say standing up to push him back on the couch.

"What?" He asks.

"Nothing." I say. "But why are you pushing us hanging out so hard?"

"Because how long have you been single?" He asks looking at me for a answer.

"6 months.." I say hanging my head low.

"So see, you need a guy!" Kevin says hitting me in the arm, earning a glare from me and Cady.

"No I don't, it shows I'm fine with being single!" I say hitting him back.

"Keep telling yourself that. I know you need a guy, and Aleks can be him!" He says.

"Why? Why him you couldn't find anyone else?" I ask.

"I could have, but you and him have so much in common!" Kevin says looking at me.

"Sure." I say rolling my eyes.

"You guys do! Just wait!" Kevin says standing up and walking to my kitchen.

"First you give me shit coffee now you steal my food. Such a good friend you are Kevin." I say looking at him.

"This pizza from the place you work at?" Kevin asks, ignoring what I had said.

"Yes, yes it is." I say looking back at Cady.

"So Nat if I have to help you get ready I should know what I need to plan for." Cady says.

"Mini-golf." I answer.

"Simple." She says walking into my room leaving me with Kevin.

"The pizza could be better, but it's good." Kevin says sitting back down with the pizza in his hands. "Want some?"

"Sure." I say taking a piece and eating the warm, cheesy pizza.

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