The Unknown Journey


2. Adolescence

 As a teenager, I had no friends. I was socially awkward, and I was convinced I would be able to go through life with little to no human interaction... until I started public school. Everyday as I made my way through the halls, I held my books close and kept to myself. It was especially difficult to focus on my studies when I had distractions such as windows, people, noise, and required communication. I remember one day, my English teacher asked me to write a poem. The only thing that was excellent, as he had said, was the handwriting. Everything else was unsatisfactory. I had practiced my handwriting everyday up until I was 16, in the hope of being able to keep a journal with legible entries. I had imagined myself anywhere from Italy to Japan, writing in a journal with my discoveries. I had eventually moved out of my house at age 19.

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