Study Date (A Zeroyalviking Fanfiction)


2. Studying And Getting To Know Eachother


Steven's P.O.V

I walk into the pizza place to calm my mind down. From the stress of having a new class and trying to get the channel back to normal uploads I needed pizza.

I walk and sit down, when I see her, Kylie. I knew I only met Kylie today, but she was one of the prettiest girls I've ever met.

"What a girl can't change it up?" I hear Kylie laugh, causing me to look over her.

"He looked. Which means he heard you." I hear her red haired friend explain.

I try not to listen on their conversation, seeing as that rude. But I kept on listening until I found myself walking over to her table.

"Hi. Sorry to bother you." I say when I get to the table.

"Oh, hi Steven." Kylie smiles, earning a look from her friend.

I stand there awkwardly, until Kylie's friend says something that causes Kylie and I to blush. "Why don't you sit down with us?"

"Sure." I stammered, sitting in the free chair.

"I'm Chance." Kylie's red haired friend introduces.

"I'm Steven." I say.

"So what's your major?" Chance asks me after there was a awkward pause

"Computer science." I smile, earning a grin from Kylie.

"Really? Same thing as Kylie." She says, looking over at her blonde friend.

"That's fun." I say, before Kylie looks at me.

"Random question Steven, but are you good at calculus?" Kylie asks.

"I am actually, why?" I ask.

"Oh, well I have calculus and I need some help with it." She explains.

"Tomorrow we can work on it when we're studying." I smile, making her blush alittle.

"Okay." Kylie smilebefore we hear Chance cough.

"Kylie we gotta go. Drew's waiting for me." Chance says to her friend, getting up. "Nice meeting you Steven."

"You too." I wave back at her.

"Steven he's my number. Tomorrow text where were meeting." Kylie says handing me a napkin with her number wrote on it.

"Will do." I say, taking the napkin and putting it in my pocket.

"Bye Steven." She says running off with her friend, leaving me dumbfounded.

The next day, Kylie's P.O.V

I finish putting my blonde hair into a ponytail as my ringtone goes off. My ring tone was the TARDIS noise from Doctor Who. I quickly run to check what it was, seeing a text.

Unknown: Hi, its Steven. I was thinking maybe we can study at the cafa on campus. It's just a idea.

I quickly added Steven into my contact so I wouldn't lose his number.

Me: Sure that's sounds really nice, what time.

Steven: Hm.. How about in 30 minutes?

Me: That works out amazing.

Steven: Okay. See you then. :)

You grinned and set your phone down. "Chance how do I look?" I ask.

"Like yourself." She says, fixing my ponytail.

"Thanks, and the sweater is amazing." I comment, slipping my vans on.

"Good." Chance smiled. "Now go and meet Steven!"

I laugh walking out of the door and to my car. "What if I say something wrong?" My mind asks itself as I walk to the cafa. Before walking in I compose myself. When I do walk in I see Steven smiling and waving me over.

"Hey." He grins.

"Hi." I say, sitting down.

Me and Steven start studying like we're planned to but when we finished we started talking.

"So do you have a job?" I ask.

"I do actually. I'm a gamer on YouTube." He answers smiling.

"Oh really. What's you're name?" I ask, phone out with the YouTube app pulled up.

"Zeroyalviking." He says.

"Zeroyalviking." I repeat as I type in his name and subscribe to him.

"I kinda post whatever I feel like, mainly alot of videos with my friends." Steven rambles on.

"That's cool, I'm  definitely gonna have to watch your stuff." I smile.

"What about you, any job?" Steven or 'Ze' asks.

"I work at a Baskin Robins." I laugh.

"Fun." Ze says.

"Such fun." I joke, making Steven laugh.

Steven's P.O.V

I grin to myself as I talk to Kylie, just by talking to her for thirty minutes I know so much about her. Like her favorite color was red, she likes hockey, and was into video games. To me she was the perfect catch.

"Steven? You okay, you got quiet?" Kylie asks.

"Sorry." I say, bringing myself out of my thoughts. "Just thinking."

"Oh okay." She grins.

"Yeah." I respond, getting a text from Anthony or as he is better know as 'Chilled'.

Anthony: Hey we're still down to record Salem tonight right?

Me: Yeah we are.

Anthony: So how's the date going?

Me: It's not a date, we're studying,

Anthony: So it's a study date. ;)

Me: It's just two people studying together.

"Steven?" Kylie asks as I look up from my phone.

"Sorry, a friend wanted to know we were still recording." I admit.

"Oh, okay." She grins, causing my stomach to get butterflies. The last time any girl had made me feel butterflies in my stomach was my ex, who ending up breaking my heart.

"I have to go, I have work in a hour." Kylie pouts after we talk for a while.

"You do?" I ask.

"Yeah I do, and I have to change into my uniform." She says, putting her laptop and books into her bag.

"Oh, well it was fun studying with you." I smile.

"Yeah it was." Kylie says, giving me a warm slime.

"See you in class?" I ask.

"Yeah. Bye." She waves, running out the door.

I sit there in my thoughts for a few minutes before deciding to call Anthony.

"Hey Anthony." I say after Chilled answered the call.

"Hey Ze, how did it go?" He asks.

"It went well, I helped her with calculus, found out she really likes hockey and works at Baskin Robins." I say.

"She works at Baskin Robins, how did that get into a conversation?" He asks.

"She asked about if I had a job, so I asked her if she did." I laugh.

"At least now you can stalk her while getting ice cream." Chilled giggles.

"I'm not gonna stalk her." I say.

"Sure. You're totally gonna end up stalking her." Anthony laughs.

"Am not! I'm not a creep like you." I joke.

"Sure you're not." Anthony jokes. "Tell me everything that happened."

I retell Anthony the events of the day. How I helped her with homework, and talking about random things, and to the small things like how she fiddles with her sleves when she's nervous.

"Damn. You watched everything she did." Anthony says after I finish.

"I guess I did." I joke.

"Wait till John and GaLm here this." Anthony jokes, making me laugh.

I knew I was going to be spending more time with Kylie, one way or another.

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