Study Date (A Zeroyalviking Fanfiction)


1. Can I Sit Here?


Kylie's P.O.V.

I quickly run into the building my class was being held. I say being held because the class started 5 minutes ago and here I am, quickly running into it.

I slip my way into the class without the teacher noticing my late arrival. I earn a few groans from others in the class by doing so.

I look around and notice the only free seat is by a boy I had never seen before, probably the guy the teacher said was joining the class.

"Do you mind if I sit here?" I whisper ask him after I walk over to him.

"Sure. Go right ahead." He says moving his bag out of the chair so I could sit down.

"I'm Kylie by the way." I say looking over at him.

"I'm Steven." He says, smiling at me.

"What chapter are we on?" I ask grabbing my textbook out of my bag.

"I think chapter 7 or maybe it was 8." He says starring at me.

"But you have it open so you should know." I say pointing at his book.

"Oh, I guess I do. And yep it was chapter 7." He awkwardly laughs, looking back at his book.

I listen to what the teacher was saying, well kinda. I would sometime glace over at Steven, who at sometimes were staring at me.

"Hey you wanna help me study, cause he said a test on chapters 5,6,7 and I have only been here for chapter 7." Steven asks at the end of class.

"Sure, but I'm busy today, how does tomorrow sound?" I ask.

"Yeah that works out fine. See you tomorrow." Steven says as I grab my bag.

"Yep, see you tomorrow. " I wave, walking out of room.

I then walk back to the dorms, thinking about the boy I had met.

"Chance!" I say walking into my dorm.

"Yo Kylie!" Chance says looking back from her mannequin.

Chance was my roommate and my best friend. We met on our first days.Chance was on her way to her dorm when she had bumped into me. We started to talk and walk to the dorm hall together, seeing that we were in the same hallway. Then we found out we were roommates. So I've been stuck with her.

"Guess what I just finished for you!" Chance says, excited about her newest work.

"Is it another shirt?" I say sitting at my desk.

"Yes, well kinda it's a sweater." She says taking a grey sweater of the mannequin.

Chance was in the business management degree. She wants to open fashion boutiuqe. And somehow I got the job of wearing the clothes she makes now.

"Nice. Looks comfortable." I say, looking at the sweater.

"It should be and if it's not you can throw it in my face." Chance laughs as I grab my Mac from my bag.

"How late today?" Chance says, knowing I was late to my last class.

"Five minutes, teacher didn't notice. But it let me sit by a guy." I smile, remembering Steven.

"I want details!" Chance says sitting on my bed beside my desk.

"Well... His name is Steven, he's kinda on the paler side, and has the prettiest green eyes I've ever seen!" I say.

"Were they Harry Potter green?" Chance asks as I laugh at her Harry Potter fangirlness.

"They were kinda Harry Potter green."

"Then you should marry him." Chance answered seriously.

"I barely know him!" I say.

"Then get to know him." She laughed.

I will, I'm gonna help him study tomorrow." I answer.

"Oooooh." She giggled.

"Why. Ooooooh?" I ask.

"Just because." She says rolling off my bed.

"Okay..." I say as she goes back to her mannequin.

"Chance you have good luck with guys right?" I ask after a few moments of silents.

"Yeah, I would guess so." Chance shrugged, trying to get a pin out of her pin cushion.

"How do I flirt tomorrow without making it obvious?" I ask.

"You kinda do a little poke, smile at him, laugh at his jokes. Guys love when girls laugh at their jokes." She answers.

"Really?" I ask.

"Yeah. They love it, always want to feel good about themselves." Chance explains to me.

"Good to know." I nod.

The two of us work in silence, the only noise to be heard was the of me typing on my keyboard.

After a hour of silence Chance breaks the quietness. "Wanna go and get pizza?"

"That's a stupid question my friend." I say, spinning my chair to face my red haired friend.

"I didn't know." She laughs.

"You always should know the answer when pizza is the question." I say, grabbing my wallet out of bag.

"I should have. I'm sorry for asking stupid questions."

"Just shut up and let's go!" I say, walking out of our dorm, making sure to turn the lights off.

"So, how are you and whatshisname?" I ask as me and Chance eat our cheese pizza. Seeing as I was vegetarian, Chance always just ordered us cheese.

"You mean Drew?" She laughs, eating a peice.

"Yeah, I guess." I say, not known if it was who I ment.

"We're doing is good. At least I think we are." She smiles. "Thanks for asking."

I smile, happy my friend was in a relationship. But I always felt jealous cause she had so much luck with love, and I had none.

But then out of the conner of my eye I see a pale figure walk in the door.

"That's him." I say, nudging Chance to look at the Steven sitting at the table far from us.

"That's him? Thought he would be taller Ky. You like taller guys." Chance says looking at the boy, who was on his phone.

"What a girl cant change it up?" I laugh, seeing him look over.

"He looked. Which means he heard you." Chance explains.

"Okay.." I say, brushing her off.

"And since he heard you over everyone in here, means he was trying to listen." Chance says, still on about that.

"And that's good?" I ask, unsured.

"Yes! It means he's interested."

I shake my head, no boy could ever wanna listen to me talk. All I ever talk about is science and video games, not the things you want a girl to ramble on about.

But then out of nowhere, he walks over.

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