Just A Dream 🌙

Luke has a weird life. His girlfriend is a vampire, and his best friend, is his Crush.. Oh god

( im sorry this sorry this story is so weird, i thought of different ideas while making it ��)


1. untitled

La la la la I could hear the sounds playing at the carnival my mum had brought me to. I don't even know why she would bring me to one. I'm 19.

Luke come on it's a fun carnival. My mum said to me complaining. Yeah right mum, I'm 19 years old I don't need to be here. Can we just go back to the tour bus? I asked and complained. We got in the car and my mum started to drive.


Okay sweetie we are here. I'm really upset you didn't want to stay at the carnival..my mum said in an upset way. Mum I'm sorry, but I really didn't want to be there. By the way, tonight's halloween. I wanna get some rest, it's fun to walk around with the boys.

I woke up to see Michael over top of me smiling. Come on let's go this will be fun. Alright guys let me get ready, then we can go and walk around. Guys this isn't an excuse to trick or treat is it? Ashton asked. No ashton, we just wanna walk around. I explained.

We all walked out the tour bus and saw a bunch of little kids dressed up knocking on people's doors. Hey guys remember doing that? I said to them all chuckling.

We all split up, we wanted to go meet some girls. I was walking around, it wasn't creepy cause there was a bunch of kids, so i figured there wouldn't be any teens.

Then, I saw this girl. She was so pretty. I walked over to her. Hi, I'm Luke. She stared at me and smiled. Hi, I'm Lana. And I didn't expect any teenagers to be out right now. Unless your one of those bad teens, then bye.

No, no I'm not, I'm just walking around with my friends. I said smiling. Hey, Lana wanna go swimming? No, no, no, no. Just no. I was saying to Luke angrily. I really shouldnt. Here's my number, call me. I walked away. Luke walked over to his friends again.

I walked over to the guys, showing them the phone number. Wow cool Luke. Michael said. Yeah thanks dude. But.. There is just one weird thing about her. What is it? She can't be that weird if she like u Bro. Calum said laughing.

She, she doesn't like water. They all burst into laughter not believing what I said. Come on guys, I'm not joking, let's just go back to the tour bus. I said mumbling. We finally got back and I went to sleep. They thought I was fully asleep, so they started talking. Guys, we have to believe Luke, he did sound pretty serious. Michael said.

Why would we believe him? A girl who doesn't like water? Come on everyone's gotta like water. Calum said laughing with ashton. Eventually they all got tired and went to bed.

-the next morning-

Hey guys I'm going to go call the girl I met yesterday, I said to them smiling. I dialed the number on my phone and waited, then, she picked up. Hello? Who's this? She asked worrily. Oh, hey! This is Luke, the guy you met on last night. You gave me your number.

Oh, hey Luke. Can I come over? She asked and I gave her the address. Okay! I'll be over their soon. She hung up, and as soon as she hung up, there was a knock on the door. Wow, you got here, really fast! Oh, um thanks. She walked in.

I really like your tour bus Luke. It's cool. I said to him smiling. Oh, Lana your bleeding on your arm! Luke said in a worried tune. I quickly covered the blood up with my hand. Oh, it's okay, really. I gotta go. It was nice meeting you. I walked out.

I keep blowing my cover. They're going to suspect something at some point i know it. I was really worried. Ok. I'll just, I'll make this work. I smiled. I walked back over there, and knocked on the door. Luke answered. Hey Luke, I'm so sorry I left. Can we hang out? He said sure and smiled.

We sat on the tour bus couch watching TV. We just sat there, then he wrapped his arm around me and I leaned and put my head on his shoulder. Hey Lana, wanna go to the beach? I worried. Uh, um, no, no no I just like sitting uh, right here. O..okay? He said and looked away. Luke, I'm sorry I freaked out, it's just. Um. Never mind. I had to go home. So I left.

—the next day—

I got a call from my sister saying she was in trouble. I asked how, she said she was being attacked. So I went to where she was and there was a whole bunch of people surrounding her trying to attack her. I fought this one guy who was just so rude. I hissed and my eyes turned bright yellow and fangs popped out.

I bit him and sucked his blood. When I turned around, Luke was there. He freaked out and ran off. I yelled for him, and I had super speed, so catching up to him.. Wasn't hard. Luke! Wait! Please! Lana.. I can't believe you didn't tell me.. Why? He asked sadly.

Luke, please. If I told you I was a vampire, I assumed you would freak out.. I didn't want to loose you as a friend...Lana, we would never stop being friends because of that! I love you either way. Human or vampire. Come on, let's go, we can go to a fast food place and pick up food. He smiled and grabbed my hand. We walked towards the car, got in, and he drove off.

We picked up Wendy's and ate in the car. Then, we stared in each other's eyes, and kissed each other. We kissed deeply, roughly.. Luke led down to my neck, not pulling away from the kiss. It led me to unbuttoning his pants and removing his shirt.. I led down to his chest, I didn't pull away either.


He drove me home. Bye Luke. Uh, I'll see you tommorow? I asked smiling. Yeah, haha we will meet again tommorow. He smiled and drove off. -skips to morning- I was downstairs making a warm cup of tea. BOO! Luke yelled behind me and scared me. I hissed because I was frightened. My fangs came out. Oh, hey! I kissed him. Hey, sorry if I scared you.

No worries cutie. I tapped his nose and smiled. It's just when I get scared I do that. Ok, next time, I will remember not to scare you. Haha. Luke smiled and took my hand. We walked outside. Luke, thanks for not freaking out and leaving me. That's what everyone does... So, your my only friend.

Oh, I'm so sorry Lana.. You have 4 amazing friends. Who? I asked in confusement. Me, Michael, Calum, and Ashton. He smiled and kissed my cheek. Now, do you need, a ride? I asked smiling. Yeah I do. Can u drive? I can, but umm. Ok Luke, hold on. He held my hand and I flew off. ( if you think flying off was ridiculous, well that's what they do, get over it.) Lana! This isn't happening! I dropped him off. Thanks so much.. I'll see you soon. He smiled and walked in his tour bus.

I super speed ran home. Ugh.. This is exhausting. Being a vampire just isn't right. I looked at Luke's Instagram, I wanted to see his pictures. I wanted to see who he really was. I smiled and scrolled. He's a cute kid. Sweet and careing. Not right for me, I'm evil and a vampire. It's not right. But, he's a sweet boy. I'll stay with him.

He came back over 2 hours later and we hung out. I snuggled him while we watched TV. I fell a sleep on him. Wake up, wake up Lana. I rose my head up quickly. What?!? Hey, um... I gotta go, I need to get back to my tour bus. I wanted you to know so it didn't seem like I ditched you. I smiled. I understand Luke. Thanks for telling me. I kissed his cheek and he walked out my room. It was already 11:47 pm and I was outside.

I'm a vampire so.. I have to go find food for myself. I don't eat normal food. I found a nice garbage rat and my fangs came out. I started to eat it. I could hear someone walking towards the garbage where I was. It was Luke. I didn't realise it so I hissed with my bloody fangs out. Luke ran. Luke! I'm so sorry!! I looked down to see a rat still in my hand, and threw it backwards into the dump to go find Luke. I found him walking and he was so upset and frightened. Luke, I'm sorry. You startled me. Lana, you didn't tell me you ate dump rats..

I let those lips on me. Seriously Luke? I said I was sorry. I'm... I guess we should just break up. I walked away while he stood there. It was the worst moment of my life. Lana! I'm sorry I didn't want it to be like this! I can forgive you! It was just a rat! Luke yelled for me to stop but I cried and kept walking. I finally got home and I just went to sleep.

BEEP BEEP! My alarm went off at 2:00 am. I was hungry for food. So I went out and ate a rat and came back home. It was 3:09 am and I got a knock on my door. I was terrified. Who would knock on my door right now? I answered and guess who was standing there.. It was Luke. Hey Lana, I woke my self up this early to apologise, i promise I won't ever do that to you again. Please? He started to wipe his eyes trying not to cry.

Luke, I'll let you have this one last chance. Ok Lana thank you so much. I love you. He hugged me and then kissed my cheek. My babe. He walked out my front door and I went to sleep. I woke up and it was 9:00 am and went to Luke's tour bus. I knocked on the door and chubby adorable little calum answered. Hey Lana! Luke isn't awake yet. But everyone else is. Oh, I guess I should get going then. Calum grabbed my arm. No, really stay, he'll wake up soon.

He took his arm off Of mine when I walked in. Michael waved at me. I took a seat next to him. Hey Michael, how's your day? I smiled. It was good, all I did was wake up and eat breakfast. He smiled and laughed. Hey Lana! Ashton walked by and sat by me. Hey ash, I love your haircut. I smiled. Luke finally was awake and I he saw me. He grabbed my hand and twirled me around and then we kissed. Aww babe what was that? I giggled.

I love you Lana and I don't want to loose you again. You mean so much to me. Want some toast? He asked smiling and saying in his deep adorable morning voice. No, umm, Luke I don't eat that food remember? I whispered to him. Oh yeah sorry babe. I didn't remember. He smiled and turned to the toaster.

I kissed his cheek and left. I was dressed in stuff to protect me from the sun. I ate a couple of rats for breakfast. I was in the dump looking for one more. Then someone was coming. It wasn't Luke. I hid behind some garbage. It was a little girl skipping and singing the abcs. She was like 7. Then she stopped and walked over to the garbage. She had fangs! She grabbed a rat and ate it. Then walked off skipping and singing.

I came out from hiding and then got mad. That's why there ism any rats here?! Ugh! Ok, maybe I should have eaten something at the tour bus. I don't only eat this junk.. I walked to Luke's tour bus and ate there. Thanks guys for letting me come over and eat. Thanks boo. I smiled and kissed Luke's cheek. No problem Lana. Anytime. He smiled and hugged me. Luke, can I tell the guys? I smiled. I think they are ready to know Luke. Tell them what?

You know, that I'm a vampire. I whispered to him. No Lana, you don't understand. Luke I know they won't tell anyone. No, Lana I know that. They.. They wouldn't believe you. Ok Luke I'll show em if they don't. I smiled and walked over to them. Guys, I have to tell you something. They looked at me confusingly. I'm a vampire! They all burst into laughter. Lana it's a month passed halloween.

I know. I can't believe you guys wouldn't believe me. Come on Lana, Luke grabbed my arm and I hissed with my fangs out and my eyes bright green. Luke, really? Really? Guys, do you think this is fake? Uh.. Woah! Michael jumped in excitement. Luke, what the hell? Your girlfriend eats animals and sucks blood? What the fuck! Ashton said in a weird and non angry way. Yea guys. You can't tell anyone, got it? Luke said. I went back to my human self.

Ok we won't. As long as she doesn't get pissed of and eats us. Calum said. Guys I won't eat you. That is nasty! I said in discust. Ok cool! Michael hugged me. We're best pals! He laughed along with me. So, Lana, how did you become a vampire? Ok... I was about 9 years old. I was in love with vampires. So I went to this (real) website. It was spellsofmagic.com. I found a vampire spell. I said it everyday in hope that it would work.

On my 10th bday which was 2 weeks after. I went to go get my hair ready for my party. I walked in front of the mirror, and I wasn't in it. I turned on the sink to splash water in my face to wake me up. But when I touched the water, it burnt me. And I knew, the spell worked.. I started to cry so I hugged Luke. Luke I'm not normal! Why did i do this to myself? I kept crying while he hugged me. Baby it's okay. You are totally normal. And you didn't know baby. It's fine.

I kept hugging him. Okay. I walked over to Michael and accidentally started crying so I broke down and started hugging him. I am not normal! Luke you just lied to my face that I can't even see in the mirror. Michael rapped his arms around me. Guys what the hell do I do? He whispered. Michael it's fine it'll blow off sometime. Luke said smiling. Baby come here and give Luke a hug. Luke why the hell did you just talk to me like a baby?! I hugged Michael even tighter crying.

I let go of him. Michael I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to do that. It's okay Lana. Luke picked me up a little and wrapped me in his arms. Luke I think I'm going to go home.. I walked out the door crying. Guys what the fuck just happened? Michael smiled and laughed. Nothing guys, she's a girl.

-the next morning-

I got a knock on my door expecting Luke. But it was Michael. Michael?! You didn't come here to break down crying on me did you?! I giggled. No Lana, I came here to say. I want us to be together. What? Michael you know I can't leave Luke for his friend.. Come on Lana, let's go upstairs. He winked at me smiling. He pushed me on my bed and started kissing my lips. I kissed his neck leading down to his chest.

I could hear him moan a couple times. I could feel him kissing my neck while his eyebrow piercing was cold on me. We stopped and he walked downstairs. Well, see you later at the tour bus I guess? Yeah. Later. I smiled and said while he walked out the door. After 4 hours went by, I walked to the tour bus to see Luke. When I get there, nobody is in it. I just walked in, and Michael was standing in the kitchen.

Hey, Lana. Hey Michael, where's everyone else? I asked while smiling and looking around. They aren't here at the moment. They are busy. He said and smiled. Wanna watch something? He asked. Sure, Pokemon would me nice. We sat on the couch and watched some Pokemon. He put is arm around me. It was awkward. Michael, are you trying to get us to do, you know what?? I asked confusingly. No of course not Lana, your my friends girlfriend, I just wanted you to come over.

Oh, okay. I looked at him and smiled. When he was looking me in the eyes smiling, we leaned in and kissed. How could something so wrong, feel so right? We just kept kissing until we heard the tour bus door starting to open. I saw Luke and ran to him and kissed him. Oh! Lana! You scared me. What're you doing here? Oh, Michael just invited me over to watch some Pokemon. Oh okay thanks Michael. Luke said to Michael and smiled. Oh hey ash. I hugged him while smiling. Why are you so happy? He asked smiling. Because I missed you guys and I love you.

Oh okay nice answer. He smiled. I walked over to Luke and kissed him. Lana, why do you taste like cereal? The kind Michael eats? Oh, um, because I ate the same one a couple minutes ago. Oh okay, I thought we ran out of that this morning. We did Luke. Ash and cal said to Luke. Lana, what did you do with Michael? I...uh...kinda had.. Sex with him. I said sadly to Luke. Lana! How could you do this to me? Luke said and whined. I'm sorry baby I couldn't resist. His adorable... Lana! What the heck! Luke interrupted me .

I'm sorry baby I swear I won't do it again. I hugged him. Your right Lana, you won't. We're over. He said to me and walked over to ash and cal. What?! I cried. Lana, it had to end.. Im sorry. He looked at me angrily. I looked at michael, and I cried. I'm sorry Michael, now because of me, you will be hated by Luke. I hugged him then walked out the door.

Luke, really man? Ash said looking at me angrily. Ash she was doing things with Michael, and she WAS my girlfriend, and he WAS my friend. Luke, she just, she found him to be cute because he did that charming thing he does. Ash said to me and smiled. Guys I'm sorry but I can't get over this. I just can't trust her anymore and I won't. Luke, she's a vampire and you pissed her off. She can eat you, she said she wouldn't eat me cal or mikey. She wouldn't eat me guys, would she? I said in a worried way.

I'm just joking with you Luke, it'll be fine. Ash said to me and smiled. Guys, I need to go find Lana. I was walking to her house and remembering how she loved me.. And I was so rude and kicked her out of my life.. Aww she was so sweet. I finally arrived at Lanas house. I knocked on the front door and nobody answered so I just walked in. There was nobody downstairs sink walked upstairs. I opened Lanas bedroom door, and there she was. She was doing it again with Michael. Lana?! I yelled. OMG Luke what the heck you walk into my room?! Well Lana you didn't have a problem walking into a relationship with my ex best pal.

Luke get out! I yelled and whined. You know what Lana, I'm sorry, I'll just leave with Luke. Michael said while getting up. No Michael, we were going to finish this. I hissed and my fangs came out. I pushed Michael out the way and hissed at Luke. Luke stop ruining my life! Get out! No Lana! You ruined my life! Remember when this morning, you kissed me smiling, and you were all happy? Remember us? Luke started to cry. Lana why do you think I wanted a second chance? I love you and never wanted to let you go. You are the most amazing girl to ever happen to my life.

Luke... I'm so sorry. Michael was always around for me... I felt like I meant more to him then to you.. I sucked in my teeth and ran to Luke crying. I hugged him so tightly. I'm sorry! I'm terrible. I had sex with Michael so many times. I knew I was right for you. I'm stuck being 19 forever. Luke why?! Why do you love me?! I'm a blood sucking creepy vampire. When I was hugging Michael that day while crying, I felt important. Then you talked to me like a baby, so I felt like Michael was the one who loved me.

Lana, I will ALWAYS love you. It doesn't matter to me how many times you had sex with Michael, as long as next time it's me. I said to Lana hugging her and smiling. Michael, I'm So so so sorry. Your amazing and thoughtful, and a great friend. I love you Michael. Thanks for being there for me. I said to him smiling. No problem Lana, I'm sorry I ruined your relationship with Luke and made you kiss me. I'm sorry..

Michael it's okay. I still love you. Can we still be friends Lana? Michael frowned and looked at me. Of course Michael. I walked over to him and gave him a tight hug. Thanks Lana, and Luke I'm sorry. Michael and Luke hugged and they both left my house. I flopped onto my bed. What is going on? There is so much drama going on in my life...

Ok... I need to calm down! I started throwing stuff around the stuff in my bedroom, and I finally found what I was looking for. My razor blade. I knew I would need this someday.... I ran it across my arm a bunch of times. I bled. Then I threw the razor blade at my wall. I wiped away the blood.. Then, i drew a butterfly over the cuts.. Ashton did for his fans. So, i did too.

My mom came to my house, cause I promised her we would hang out. Hey mom. I hid my butterfly drawing under my jacket sleeve. Hey Lana, ready to go to the beach? Uhh... The beach? We never talked about that. Come on, it'll be fun. Get your suit on! Uhh, okay. But I'm going to sit under the umbrella the while time. I don't feel like swimming or getting in the sun. Okay, I don't see how we could hang out. So we will just stay home and paint each other's nails! Okay mom, that's a lot better idea.

Me and my mom sat there, painting each other's nails. When Luke walked in my room. Hey baby, me and my mom are painting each other's nails. Hey Lana. I hugged him while keeping my hands up. Luke are you sure you want to paint your nails. I giggled. Hi Lanas mom. Luke smiled and waved to my mom. Oh Luke, call me Amber, or Ms. Elliots. Mom, can me and Luke go on a walk now? Sure sweetheart, I'm going to Margret's house. My mom walked out the room with her purse.

Come on Lana, let's go. Luke tried to walk out, but I grabbed his wrist. We're not actually going on a walk. I wrapped my arms around his neck and layed my head on him and started to slow dance. Lana, why are you dancing with me? Why don't we just watch TV. Lana pulled Luke to her bed and turned on the TV. They started to watch it together. Lana fell asleep on Luke while the TV was on. Luke left lana's house while she was still asleep.

Luke drove back to the tour bus. Lana woke up an hour later and texted her friend, Bryana. Bryana was Lana's secret friend. She was secret because her mom didn't know about her. Lana was 19, and Bryana was 28. Bryana had short brown hair, brown eyes, and she was white. Bryana had never known about Luke, until now... Hey Bryana! Can you come over today? Of course Lana. I'll be there in a sec. Bryana arrived at Lana's house. Hey Lana! Why do you have such a messy bed today?! Lol. Hey Bryana. Lana giggled and hugged her. Luke suddenly walked into the room. Oh! Who's this cutie? Bryana giggled.

Yeah, who's this cutie? Luke laughed while walking over to Lana. Lana, did you not tell your bestie about someone? Ok, he's my boyfriend. Lana said and then kissed his cheek. Why didn't you tell me?! Because, every boyfriend I have had, you steal from me. Like in kindergarten, Mason, then Tyler, then —okay I get your point. Woah, babe you thought she was going to steal me from you? Lana... I can't anyways.. Why?! Lana said confusingly. Because, I'm engaged!

That's great! But, to who? Well, he's got short brown hair, and he has brown eyes, and he's white! We're like twins. He can also play the drums! Wait, that sounds like Ashton... Yeah! His name is Ashton Kirwin I think. It's Irwin! Ashton is engaged and didn't tell me. Oh my god! Luke called Ashton. Hey Luke, what's going on? Hey ashton. Anything new? Any girls? No, not that I know of. Really? Not even one named Bryana? No, I don't know any Bryanas. Here Bryana, take the phone. Hey, Ashton! Hi? Who's this? It's Bri! You know, Bri Bear! No, I don't know who this is... But, oh! His name was Ashton Kutcher! Sorry, Ashton.

It's okay. Well, bye. Bye! She handed the phone back to Luke. Thanks Bryana. Bryana went home. So.. Luke, what do you want to do? Luke leaned in and kissed Lana. They both got in dressed and started to kiss. Lana threw Luke on the bed and they kept kissing. 15 minutes later, They FINALLY stopped. Bye Luke, have a fun drive. I'll come over later! Luke left her room and Lana took a nap.

Lana woke up 2 hours later, to see That she was in Luke's arms. WHA? WHA happened? Luke?! Why are you in my bedroom?! Baby were not in your room, were in your moms house. Why?! Lana started freaking out. Because Lana, you almost died. What? Is this is a fucking trick?! Lana started crying and hugged Luke tightly. It's okay Lana, you almost bled out. You cut to deep.. Oh Luke, take me home! Lana cried while Luke hugged her.

Luke drove Lana home and carried her into her room. Thanks Luke... I'm sorry.. Ow.. I'm craving some SERIOUS rats! Lana's fangs came out and she ran quickly out her house. She went to the dump and grabbed some rats and ran back home. Hey Luke, wanna bite? Uh, no thanks babe... Lana bit into the rat and ate it. She ate the other rat and some blood splattered onto Luke. Ew, babe get it off! Lana hissed at Luke and tried to eat it.

Luke wiped off the blood and calmed Lana down. Lana sucked in her fangs. I'm sorry, I don't know what got into me. I am just so hungry.. And tried. Luke, I'm sorry. Just go back to your tour bus right now, I've got to rest. I hugged Luke and he left. A couple hours later, when I woke up, I drove to Luke's place. I knocked on the door, Ashton answered.

Hey Lana! He hugged me and smiled. Hey Ashton. What's up? Nothing. I'm just watching some FIFA. Is Luke here by chance? No, he's with Calum and Michael. Oh, well I should probably go. It was nice talking to you. I hugged him and left. Oh come on Lana, hang out with me. It'll be fun. I walked with Ashton and plopped onto the couch with him. Haha, you like FIFA at all? Yea, I love FIFA. We smiled and watched it on the TV.

Luke walked in and Lana jumped off the couch to hug him. Hey babe. So where have you been?? I was out with Calum and Michael. What have you been doing? I was just sitting here watching FIFA with Ash. I kissed his cheek and walked over to Michael. Hey Michael. Wanna come over here with me and Ashton to watch some FIFA? Michael looked confused, but said sure. Me, Ashton, and Michael were sitting on the couch watching FIFA.

Luke walked over to me and pulled me off the couch. Baby, is this happening again? Is what happening again?? Are you in love with Michael? No, of course not. I would never do that to you again.. I hugged him. Aww ok Lana. I trust you. We kissed and then Michael called my name over there. I gotta go watch the game Luke. Ok Lana. I'm going to go outside.. I saw Luke step outside, I knew he was upset.. Uh, guys.. I need to get some fresh air, it's hot in here. She giggled and winked.

I stepped outside and saw Luke sitting down in front of the tour bus. I sat next to him. Hey Luke. Hey Lana. Are you still worried that I want Michael?.. I don't I really don't. I want you and only you. Yes Lana, I am worried. You go to Michael for everything. Everything that happens in your life, you go to Michael. Michael was standing at the door, he heard everything. I don't love Michael, were just friends, you know that. Luke hugged me. I love you Lana, I always will. I love you too Luke.

A tear ran down my eye, I hugged him and never wanted to let go. He is stressed about me, loving Michael.. Come on Luke, let's go to my house. Luke drove to my house. My mom wasn't home, and my dad was dead, so we had it to ourselves. I pulled Luke into my room and pushed him onto my bed. I took of my shirt, then he took off his. Eventually we were having sex. We stopped after like 50 minutes or an hour, because someone was knocking on my front door.

I opened it, and there was my mom. She was standing there angrily, she had been out there for an hour. She said she forget her key. Lana, what the hell? I leave the house and you assume it's okay to take over the house? I knew Luke couldn't come down and leave, cause my mom would think it out slowly then realise.. And by the way, what takes you so long to answer the door?! Your alone, aren't you?

My mom looked so so mad, I thought she was going to punch me. She had no idea what I really was, or that Luke was upstairs in my bed, all sweaty and my room smells terrible. Ugh why. My mom pushed me out the way to check the house, and I closed the front door. I stuck out my fangs and yanked my mom towards me. MOM IM NOT YOUR LITTLE PRINCESS ANYMORE. JUST GET OUT. YOU ALWAYS AVOID ME, SO THIS WONT HURT. My eyes were bright yellow and I had a deep voice, it was so evil. Lana! I don't avoid you, your my daughter. I went back to human. Mom, you need to leave my life and go get a house for yourself.. I want a life, my boyfriend wants me, and I need to make sure he knows a mom won't be watching us like babies.

My mom ripped open my door in anger. Luke, you need to leave. If I ever see you around Lana, your in trouble. No!! Mom, I hate you! I pushed my mom in the closet and locked the door on the outside. Luke, I'm so sorry... I hugged him and he smiled. Lana, I'm so happy we're actually still together right now. Luke, she only took her anger out on you because it would seem easy to hurt you. I told you, I love you and nobody will get to you easily.

Luke kissed my forehead and went home. As soon as he left, I was crying. My mom just tried to, like kill him omg. Ok, too dramatic. I sat on my bed looking at a picture of me and my mom when I was 6. It was nice, no fighting no drama, no vampire me, just the fun beach. A tear drop ran down my eye and onto the picture. I threw it onto my bed and went for the dump. I mean, I get hungry too. I grabbed a fat rat and hid behind the garbage. I stuck out my fangs, and ate it. After wards, I walked back home.

Me and Luke have been together for exactly a month today. It's November 30!! I was so happy. And it was almost Christmas, so yay. All of a sudden someone knocked on the front door, so I ran downstairs. I ripped it open. Hey Lana. Luke walked in and hugged me. Hey baby. We kissed and then we walked outside. So, it's our 1 year anniversary. Luke said smiling. I know, what do you want to do today? I smiled back.

Well, actually babe I'm busy all day. We have a show.. I gotta leave in an hour to prepare. What?! Luke!!! It's our 1 year anniversary and bows the day you can't do anything with me?? I hugged him. I'm sorry Lana, we can celebrate it one day late.. Ok.. Good luck at your show. I hugged him smiling. Luke kissed me and walked away. I walked in my house an ran back upstairs and started to get mad.

My fangs stuck out, and I ran outside towards Luke. Oh babe! Hey.. Luke said while backing away nervously. Hey BABE, why don't you come hang with me today? Babe I already told you, im busy. Well I wanna have dinner with you tonight. Please? Lana's smiled with her fangs out, and her bright yellow eyes showing.

Yea sure... That sounds... great.... Luke said nervously. Thanks babe! Lana kissed his cheek and walked back inside. Luke, LUKE! Wake up. Michael said shaking Luke. Ugh Michael i don't want to. Luke threw himself out of his bunk. Why do you keep hissing and saying Lana in your sleep? Are you like gonna dump me or something? No Michael, it was just a dream.


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