Day of the Dead.


2. 9:00pm

I squeezed my eyes shut and dug my shoulders into the couch beneath me, almost trying to hide behind my siblings, who sat on either side of me, eyes shut, breaths short. 

I heard nothing. We could of probably heard the sound of a pin dropping if we hadn't removed any thing from the wall that could possibly fall or make a noise. My hands dug under the blankets piled on top of us to my siblings warm and comfortable hands. They both grabbed mine back, holding firmly and we listened to outside. 

They were starting to move. Originating from the graveyards and the Grand Lake they seemed to just appear from. Digging or swimming. I could hear the water rustling faintly. The dirt scratching. My hand snuck out of my sisters and I took a marshmallow from the table in front of us and shoved it slowly into my mouth, where it practically melted and I buried my hand back under the blanket. We waited. 

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