Fuck Off Hemmings.

Even though she doesn't believe in love,
He's determined to call her bluff.
Who could deny these butterflies?
They're filling his gut.


6. 0.5


"Michael! I missed you so much!" I wrap my arms around his neck and he picks me up slightly so I can reach.

"I missed you too Han." he mumbles into my hair.

I see a flash of sadness in Luke's eyes but he turns and walks away. The shy boy looks slightly confused.

"ALRIGHT CLASS!" The teacher walks in as we are all getting seated. Michael sat behind his friend, which placed him right next to me.

*After A Long Ass Maths Class*

Maths class wasn't as fun as it used to be. The normal teacher, Liz Hemmings, teaches AP courses this year.

Unfortunately I'm not in AP Maths. Lunch is my next period which makes me happy. Mikey, his shy friend, and I went to the Food Court to get some food. When we sat down Mikey introduced me to his friend.

"Hannah meet Calum, Calum meet Hannah"

"Hi" Calum whispers not making eye contact.

That name seems familiar...

"Have you seen him!" Rose says sitting next to me, not seeming to notice the two boys.

"Who?" I ask confused.

She rolls her eyes. "Why must you be so difficult! The new boy!"


"Because the populars are saying he’s INCREDIBLY hot, and word is that he stands up to Luke.

Mikey giggles behind me, but Rose doesn’t notice




I've known her for years, though I understand why she doesn't recognize me. We haven't spoken since Year 7.

The year we all began to drift apart...



I freeze in fear and I can feel my face pale. I just openly talked about the new guy... RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! He's never going to talk to me again! He probably thinks I want nothing more than to get his pants and leave him. I'm no slut!

"I'm not mad!" He says probably noticing my embarrassment. "I wouldn't mind actually. You're cute." he finishes with a wink. Great! Another douchebag who wants to fuck any and every girl he comes in contact with.

"MICHAEL!" Hannah says with surprise and hurt in her voice.

"I was just kidding! I only have eyes for you babe." He says kissing her cheek. What. The. Actual. Fuck?!

"I will kill you Clifford." She says in a menacing voice while wiping the spot where he kissed her.

He gives her a look that says 'What are you gonna do? Hurt me?' She smiles, stands up, grabs his Pizza, and, lighting fast, she runs to the trash can. She looks him dead in the eye and drops it in the bin.

He seems heartbroken for a minute and then he says "Oh it's on love"

Babe? Love? Are they dating?! They've only know each other for like four hours! While I was lost in my thoughts Michael had picked up the whipped cream from my ice cream sundae I got from the Food Court, and started after her. "No..." she says backing up. He steps closer. "No." She steps back more, eyes widening. In one long stride he's got her by the waist "No!" she shrieks. He wipes the whipped cream on her nose.

"You've been a bad girl Hannah Jade"



I watched the whole scene unfold before my eyes.

This Michael kid better watch his back. Hannah is MINE. I will protect her at all costs.

“Dude.” I whip my head towards the voice.

“What.” I hiss. Jake, the linebacker for the football team, looks slightly scared.

“Are you okay?” He looks directly at the sandwich in my hand. It’s now a ball of bread, and it’s insides are on the outside.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” I growl shaking the sandwich off of my hand.

Jake and the rest of the team look at me like I’m crazy when I stand up and leave the Food Court, cursing quietly.


- Casey

Sorry I haven't been on/updating. I've had no motivation to write.

I'm going to go write another chapter for this and it might be up as soon as tomorrow if I don't have to do anything today.

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