Fuck Off Hemmings.

Even though she doesn't believe in love,
He's determined to call her bluff.
Who could deny these butterflies?
They're filling his gut.


5. 0.4


I was sitting in the back of the Maths room waiting for the teacher whilst listening to music when Luke Hemmings walks in. He starts to head my way and I panic a little, when he gets to my desk he doesn't see me, and he talks with the shy kid who sits near me. 

"Hello there Cal." He says sickeningly nice. 'Cal' just stares back with wide eyes. The two boys talk and I listen in, still listening to my music. I really hope that Lucas doesn't notice me because I might just die.



Where the hell is he when you need him!

Luke isn't going to forget the incident from this morning and I'm actually scared. I've never fought back so they've never had a reason to punish me. 

I take a quick glance at Hannah who's trying to ignore us, which I can tell is a struggle for her. She's never been one to stand back when someone is in trouble, but I can understand why she doesn't want to get involved.



Free Period has been and always will be my favourite class. I usually go sit in the back corner of the library reading a book and listening to music.

I'm sitting in my usual spot, doing my usual thing, when a boy with light brown curls sits next to me. He makes a motion that looks like he wants to listen also. I nod and he takes one of my earbuds. A smile creeps onto his lips. 

"Green Day. I didn't think you'd be into that."

"Yeah, well I was kinda forced into it." He gives me a questioning look. "My friend is into them and she won't stop playing it in the car."

"Ahhh. What're you doing tomorrow if you don't mind me asking?"

"I'm not going to hang out with a male that I don't even know the name of."
He stands up and sticks his hand out for me to grab. "Ashton Fletcher Irwin"

"I grab his hand and he pulls me up. "Felicity Katrina Rosenthal, but I'd rather you call me Rose."

"Well, Felicity, our Free Period is over," Really!? "and I really hope to get a text sometime." What?

He slips a paper into my hand.




He's all alone. No big, bad boy to protect him now! 

"HEY!" I hear. God damn it! "Hemmings!" 

"What." I hiss at the older boy with the brightly coloured hair.

"Back. Off." He growls getting in between me and Calum, while Calum is trying to hold him back. 

There's a small gasp behind me and I turn around to see my childhood friend.

"Hannah?" I whisper as Calum's friend exclaims it happily at the same time.

Wait. What? 

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