My Secret Life

Katie's back at school after an interesting summer and is ready to jump into her last year of school with Best friend and school player Declan. But everything good must come to an end.. right? Days into her senior year, Katie gets news that puts her plans for college to a full stop.


3. Summer Trip

I glanced out the window for the 10th time. I had been waiting for Declan to pick me up for over an hour and we still had to pick up Chloe and Alfie. My phone beeped. It was a text off Declan.

Hey Kate was out drinking late last night so can't drive. Sam is on his way over to pick you up. I need to do something before I leave. Will meet you at the log cabin. xxx

Typical Declan. I found myself rolling my eyes as the door bell went. I grabbed my bag and headed down stairs. Mum had already answered the door.


''Kate be careful and enjoy yourself honey'' She said as she pulled me into a hug.


''I will mum. Love you''.


''Love you too and you drive safe''.


Sam nodded and grabbed my bag. ''Got everything?''.


''Yeah......bye mum''. I said as we made our way down the driveway to the car.


''Whats up with you this morning? No annoying comments? Not that I'm complaining''. I said as we got in the car and made our way to Alfies.


Sam let a laugh out. ''I've already been warned by Declan''. I soon started laughing too.


We made it to Alfies within 5 minutes and they were already waiting with their bags on the porch.


''Finally!''. Chloe said as she through her arms up. ''Wheres Dec?'' She asked as I got out of the car to help with their bags.


''He was drinking last night, so he can't drive. He said he'd meet us at the cabin''. I shrugged my shoulders. ''Don't know who's driving him down though''.


''He might be going down with Jordan and Tod because they said they we're coming later on''.


We all climbed into the car and set off for our 2 week holiday. Me and Sam were fighting over who got music control for about 5 minutes and its safe to say I won. I blasted Seven Lions- A way to say goodbye It was currently my favorite song.


We had been driving for 2 hours and we were all still in high spirits. Toploader- Dancing in the moonlight was playing quietly in the background, when my phone when off. It was Declan.


Hey Kate, we are about 30 minutes out. Don't miss me too much! Ok?. Hope Sam has been nice. I'm sorry about this morning, Will tell you about it when I see you xxx


I couldn't help but smile. Sam looked over.


"Guess that's Dec checking in" Sam Guested to my phone whilst concentrating on the road.


I giggled. "Yeah. Making sure you've been on your best behavior". Sam rolled his eyes


Haha I don't know about missing you. I'm kind of enjoying the peace and quiet. And yes Sam's been fine. It's very weird and un-nerving. See you soon xxx


I put my phone down and put my arm out of the window. The breeze of the hot summers day hit my hand.


"How long have we got?". Chloe asked, but before Sam could answer Alfie spoke.


"About 10 minutes" He replied. He'd been the cabin plenty of times with the team, so I guess he was used to the long drive and knew the route. We were cruising up a bendy road, Trees and nature either side of the car. Bird's chirped away. I was in a daze when my phone went off again.


Well Miss Katie smith, we are gonna have problems! how dare you not miss me! I am a sex god! xxx


I rolled my eyes.


In your dreams. More like Shrek xxx


The rest of the car ride flew by. In minutes we were on a dirt road and the cabin was coming into view. We pulled up outside it and climbed out.


"Wow this is huge!" I stared in amazement. The living-room was massive. A small stairway sat on either side of the room, whilst and grand stoned fire place sat in the middle.


"Of course it is! It has 5 double bedrooms with on suite". Sam said as he placed his luggage on the floor.


"Right the kitchen is down there to your right". He pointed down to the end of the room.


"And seems we're the first here, we get first dibs on the rooms". My phone went off again. It was Declan.


Make sure you get the room on the far end to your left, it has the best view. Will be there soon xxx


Pushing past everyone on the stairs, I made my way to the room. And I've got to say Declan was right, I had a view of the lake and could see far off into the distance. It was a picture of utter beauty.


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